US remembers victims of Boston bombing

US remembers victims of Boston marathon bombing

A large number of people over the Usa have now been observing the first anniversary of the Boston convention bombing.

A moment of silence was observed if the first explosion rocked the town to indicate time.

US remembers victims of Boston marathon bombing

US remembers victims of Boston marathon bombing

Following a ceremony, the group went along Boylston Street, the ultimate stretch of the race.
The US Preseident Obama & US Vice-President Joe Biden led tributes for the victims and survivors of the attack which left several people dead and wounded 264 others.
“It infuriates them that e will not fold, won’t alter, will not yield to fear. Why is me be so happy to become an American it’s that people have not, ever yielded to fear,” said Biden.
The bombing was the biggest mass-casualty attack on US soil since Sept 11, 2001.
Experts say the national Chechen friends, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar, maintained their weapons towards the finish line-in bags.

Three days later Tamerlan was killed in a shoot-out. His younger brother is awaiting trial on charges that’ll bring the death penalty if he’s charged.

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