US court hear cleric’s praise for September 11 attacks

Jurors hear cleric’s praise for

September 11 attacks

Whenever a television interviewer asked him concerning the September 11, 2001 attacks around the United States that killed almost 3,000 people in a movie of radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri proven to jurors at his trial on Monday, he didn’t wait.

“everybody was pleased once the planes struck the World Trade Center,” Abu Hamza said in the undated movie performed in an U.S. court where the former imam of the Finsbury Park Mosque in London looks terrorism-related costs.

Jurors hear cleric’s praise for September 11 attacks

Jurors hear cleric’s praise for
September 11 attacks

Prosecutors have charged the main one-eyed, handless Abu Hamza of attempting to put up a jihadist training camp in Oregon, providing help militants who got 16 Western tourists hostage in Yemen in 1998, a kidnapping that ended with all the deaths of three Britons and an Australian, and raising funds and supplies for al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Abu Hamza could experience life in prison if convicted of the very serious charges, the Egyptian-born. He previously served many years in jail in Britain for inciting his followers to kill non-believers.

Extradited from Britain in 2012 under the situation he could be tried in civilian court and never face the death penalty,

Abu Hamza is likely to testify in their own protection in Manhattan federal court. The trial started last week and it is likely to last a few month.

Defense attorneys have argued that Abu Hamza, known for his fiery sermons in London, is liable just for using inflammatory terms, not for just about any overt criminal acts.

Prosecutors plan to use his rhetoric against him via audio and video tracks that show non-Muslims being denounced by him and speaking Islamic fundamentalism and encouraging fans to become militants.

Lawyers for Abu Hamza, who’s using his birth name of Mustafa Kamel Mustafa throughout the test, objected to the tracks as unduly prejudicial. But U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest decided last week that many of the videos could be proven to the court as proof of his frame of mind.

Prosecutors also performed various other videos, some in Arabic, for that jurors, who have been offered English transcripts. A few of the videos were taken in the Finsbury Park mosque or from Abu Hamza’s home.

Abu Hamza lost your hands and one-eye in Afghanistan in the 1980s and was identified in London for wearing a prosthetic metal hook on his right arm. In court, he’s taken notes having a pencil wedged in his catch.

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Islamist cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri sometimes appears in this courtroom drawing standing with his attorney Jeremy Schneider where he pleaded not guilty to felony charges in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, October 9, 2012, after he was extradited in the U.K. last week to handle terrorism charges in the U.S.

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