Ukraine PM says Russian action an ‘international crime’

Russian action an ‘international crime’ says Ukraine PM

Ukraine’s new Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk has responded angrily to unfolding events in the east of the nation.

Addressing the case in Kyiv he condemned what he claimed was Russian disappointment within the Lugansk and Donetsk regions.

Russian action an ‘international crime’ says Ukraine PM

Russian action an ‘international crime’ says Ukraine PM

He explained Russian actions in Ukraine being an international crime.

“As far as I understand, the Russian Federation includes a new product for export. Besides exporting gas and oil, Russia has started exporting terrorism to Ukraine… the Russian government require the release of town organizations and houses, condemn terrorists and should immediately withdraw its reconnaissance and sabotage groups,’‘ Yatseniuk said.

Russia has denied any involvement within the unrest in Ukraine.

Russia’s Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov, on the trip to Vietnam, said: “We may relieve the problem. We shall make it so the government in Kyiv opinions with respect the views and needs of Ukrainian citizens who reside in the south and immediately may join discussions to calm the problem rather than irritate it from the utilization of safety systems, specially the army, that is clearly forbidden by Ukrainian law.”

Specialists in Ukraine and western allies maintain thousands of Russian troops are massed across the border with Ukraine.

NATO officials have stated that Russia has as much as 40,000 soldiers near to that edge and on Wednesday confirmed it sees no substantial change within the measurement or placement of these Russian forces.

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