Ukraine lost $80 billion since Russia takes Crimea

Ukraine loses at least $80 billion since Russia takes Crimea

Ukraine has lost at least $80 billion because Russia annexed the cost and also its southern Crimea area is likely to be higher when Kiev includes the price of possible energy supplies within the Black Sea and also lost profits.

Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko may get people to judge for military offenses and people against its territorial integrity and said Kiev would push its case against Russia in the European Court of Human Rights.

Ukraine loses at least $80 billion since Russia takes Crimea

Ukraine loses at least $80 billion since Russia takes Crimea

“Russia contains the entire responsibility for your losses incurred by state businesses, ministries and departments and Any state property on the property of Crimea will be the home of Ukraine,” Petrenko told a news conference.

“the quantity of such deficits is 950 billion hryvnias Today. These deficits don’t include the price of nutrients and also lost earnings.”

Experts estimate the worth of such power supplies, observed at 165.3 billion cubic meters of gas and 44 million metric tons of gas, at around $800 million to $1.2 billion.

Ukraine, in which a declining economy continues to be further weakened by months of trauma, seriously wants to enhance profits and hopes to stave off bankruptcy by acquiring an assistance package in the International Monetary Fund.

Petrenko said Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council supported proposed legal techniques last month to challenge Russia’s annexation of Crimea, which plunged relations between West and East to levels not seen since the Cold War.

Washington added a third round of sanctions on effective Russians and companies on Monday over Crimea as well as a build-up of Russian soldiers around the border with western Ukraine. The European Union can also be likely to announce new fines.

But such actions did nothing to date to prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin, who claims the Crimean people voted to join Russia in a referendum a scam was called by the West. Moscow has said sanctions are useless and counterproductive.

Ukraine supports sanctions but also desires to start legal procedures against Russia and Russian authorities to try and strengthen a government criticized by some to be slow and disorganized to do this.

It’d take Russia towards the European Court, accusing it of violating its territorial integrity and start legal proceedings against those authorities accountable for orchestrating the seizure of Offense, Petrenko said.

“The National Security and Defence Council has directed the prosecutor general to sort out the process to initiate legal proceedings,” he explained.

“Ukraine doesn’t identify the Russian occupation.”

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