UK to host international conference on stolen Ukrainian assets

UK to host international meeting on stolen Ukrainian assets

London will host a two-day international conference this week targeted at supporting Ukraine’s authorities to recover stolen property, Britain’s interior ministry said on Monday.

Because the toppling of President Viktor Yanukovich in February, Ukrainian prosecutors have charged him and his aides of taking millions of dollars. Yanukovich has said he’s no foreign bank accounts or residence abroad.

UK to host international conference on stolen Ukrainian assets

UK to host international conference on stolen Ukrainian assets

The April 29-30 Ukraine Forum on Asset Recovery, jointly prepared by Britain as well as the United States, is likely to be joined by senior government officials, judicial authorities, prosecutors, economic intelligence experts and specialists.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov is likely to be the type of meeting in London.

“Building on our experience within the area of resource recovery, it’ll offer functional leadership and help the Ukrainian government because they present economic and political change and recover and determine property looted under the Yanukovich program,” British Home Secretary Theresa May said.

London will be the leading spot for the money in the former Soviet Union and several Ukrainian oligarchs have resources there.

Last month, Britain said it’d been given a summary of people suspected to be active in the robbery of Ukrainian resources which it’d send a group to Kiev to find further proof.

The Home Office (interior ministry) stated that in addition to preparing practical steps for Ukraine, the assembly works on international assistance for that early tracing of assets and take a look at methods to track assets hidden behind complex corporate structures.

“The meaning is clear – we’re making it harder than ever before for corrupt regimes or people all over the world to go, cover and make money from the profits of the offense,” said May.

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