Uefa gives green singnal to new global tournaments

Uefa gives green light to new international competition

European football’s governing body Uefa on Thursday announced it’ll introduce a brand new competition for that continent’s footballing nations.

Uefa gives green light to new international competition

Uefa gives green light to new international competition

The Uefa ‘‘League of Nations’‘ will contain four sections and would be to start in September 2018.

The sections will be subdivided into four smaller pools and will feature relegation and promotion.

In The congress people were informed by Uefa chief Michel Platini: “Developing soccer in Europe takes a vision. This Is Actually The reason we analyzed, along with you, the chance of starting a brand new competition, the Countries Category — a competition that’ll satisfy your desires, since we’ve paid attention to your goals and your issues throughout the meetings meet your expectations we’d together.”

The pool matches will be played between September and November 2018 and will replace many international friendlies.

The ‘final four’ stage (the four swimming champions in the top section) of your competition is likely to be played the next summer.

Your competition will even supply four qualifying places for Euro 2020.

The finer information on the structure have yet to be finalised however the 54 national groups put into accordance for their coefficient position will be featured by the sections.

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