Turkey targets Syrian war aircraft

Turkey shoots down Syrian war jet – Syrian conflict spreading

Turkish military shot down a Syrian conflict aircraft on Sunday after Ankara stated the aircraft had violated its airspace.

Turkey targets Syrian war aircraft

Turkey targets Syrian war aircraft

Condemning Turkey’s steps, Damascus identified it when it was brought down as a ‘Blatant Aggression’ requiring the aircraft have been seeking rebel fighters in Kasab inside Syria.

The Syrian border area has been the scene of strong bloody fighting between rebels and forces loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad.

Turkey’s army says it warned two Syrian Mig-23s four times following the planes got near to the Turkish border.

Damascus established the pilot were able to eject prior to the aircraft crashed in Syria.

Gunfight in Beirut as Syrian conflict spreads to Lebanon

As those on both sides of the Syrian conflict traded gunfire violence has erupted within the Lebanese capital Beirut.

The issues come a week after 25 everyone was killed in-fighting in the northern city of Tripoli between supporters of the Syrian rebels and the ones that back the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

The people caught in the crossfire want nothing related to the carnage: “We are the people of the region there are no Salafists or something, we live here, some participate in the ‘Future Movement’, it’s a combination. We’re tired of the thugs. We’ve had enough! We ask the president and the army to resolve this. We lost someone today that has nothing related to this,” said one mad citizen.

The Lebanese army hasbeen quick to respond with troops and armoured personnel carriers used for the suburb.

The fighting has since settled. The war in Syria, which shows no sign of ending, is exacerbating tensions in Lebanon and other nearby countries.

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