Train crash in South Korean capital, 200 people hurt

Subway trains crash in South Korean capital, 200 people hurt

South Korea suffered its next severe transportation accident in only over fourteen days on Friday whenever a train train within the money, Seoul, crashed into a practice in a stop, though no body was killed injuring 200 people.

The nation remains mourning the victims of the ferry crash on April 16, when 300 everyone was killed or are lacking within the sunken hull of the capsized vessel within the nation’s worst catastrophe in two decades.

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Subway trains crash in South Korean capital, 200 people hurt

The majority of those injured within the middle-morning incident on Friday seemed to have suffered minor abrasions, based on disaster officials at Sangwangsimni stop within the east of the main city, though one individual had been addressed to get a brain hemorrhage plus one for a break.

“An incoming train crashed into one which was stopped in the place,” fire department official Kim Kyung-su told a news conference.

About 1,000 everyone was removed, Kim said.

Seoul Metro official Chung Soo-young stated the incident was the result of a transmission failure which two train cars were derailed.

“I fell forwards perhaps 2 or 3 yards,” said Lee Dong-hyeon, 26, an office employee about the practice that crashed to the one ended in the place.

“It was like stumbling over when working really fast.”

About 4.5 million people use Seoulis modern city system each day.

When 192 were killed in a train fire within the town of Daegu, which caused significant safety improvements the final major incident on the South Korean train system was in 2003.

Last month’s ferry collision off the southwest coast resulted in the resignation of the prime minister and President Park Geun-hye’s approval status has fallen dramatically because of the slow reaction of recovery services.

Over 300 schoolchildren were about the ferry and several were requested to remain up to speed because it sank by team members who subsequently got off the ship.

On Friday, an announcement about the practice showing guests where these were to stay was widely ignored. Many people got down onto the monitor to escape and pushed open the train doors, witnesses said.

Seoul Mayor Park Won-quickly was in the picture of the accident. The city is managed from the city of Seoul.

A Gallup Korea study released prior to the train collision on Friday confirmed President Park’s score had stepped by 11 percentage points previously fourteen days to 48 percent.

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