Turkey writers protest about press censorship

Turkey writers protest about press censorship

Turkey writers protest about press censorship In Turkey, around 200 journalists protested against censorship and government strain on the press. Once they chanted “AK Occasion get both hands off the media” several known the ruling party.Last week, tracks were released on the web purportedly of Turkish Television professionals sacking journalists under government pressure and adjusting a viewpoint poll. Correspondent Hilmi Hacaloglu described: “The government is attempting to manage the press using the employers or even the writers near to them. Writers say we gathered within the standard media area and they’ve had enough. The demonstrators marched towards the Istanbul Governor’s Workplace. Correspondent Çigdem Anad read a report calling to a finish to strain on the press: the writers are being squeezed by “The censorship. Car, censorship and stress censorship is using the press. The prime minister is interfering with live reports and also subtitles.” The protests have reignited a debate about limits on media freedom, something the EU candidate country is extremely acquainted with.
Violence on anniversary Kurdish leader’s arrest in Turkey

Violence and Assault on anniversary Kurdish leader’s arrest in Turkey

Violence and Assault on anniversary Kurdish leader’s arrest in Turkey As authorities handle Kurdish demonstrators the 15-year anniversary of the capture of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, there has been clashes around the streets of Cizre in southeast Turkey.Demonstrators threw rocks and petrol bombs at riot police who responded with water cannon to disperse the group. Tens and thousands of Kurds in different cities over the region took to the streets in peaceful demonstrations. However, riot police were also used in the primary area of the south, Diyabakir. Ocalan’s fans want him to be-released. A death sentence passed down in 1999, was later communted alive in prison to be served in solitary confinement.Ocalan may be the creator of the armed Kurdistan Workers Party or PKK – a terrorist group, based on the EU, Turkey and the US. Ocalan isn’t any longer calling for a completely independent Kurdish homeland and Turkey’s government began discussions with him in 2012.
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Plan punch up as brawls break-outs in Turkey’s parliament over judicial reform

Plan punch up as brawls break-outs in Turkey’s parliament over judicial reform There clearly was fighting on the ground of Turkey’s parliament following the passage of a bill providing more power to the country’s justice minister.Local media reports say broken hands were suffered by another politician and an MP for the primary opposition party was taken fully to hospital with a broken nose. Discussing about the proposed reforms survived over 20 hours. These from the changes say they restrict the judiciary’s freedom. The plans received criticism in the EU when Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Brussels last month. Erdogan proposes the judiciary is underneath the influence US-based cleric Fethullah Gullen. The prime minister blames former friend Gullen for instigating the crime investigation that’s wreaked havoc on Erdogan’s management. There have been resignations from his case, a reshuffle and the arrests of three daughters of ministers – two of whom have been charged. Protesters are angry the request seems to have discovered graft such close proximity to the prime minister. Erdogan has sacked or reassigned judges and top cops who he accuses of acting politically.
“Hands off my internet”: Turkey demonstrators demand

“Hands off my internet”: Turkey demonstrators demand

“Hands off my internet”: Turkey demonstrators clash with police over government reforms Chanting ‘Hands off my internet” demonstrators took to the streets of Istanbul to exhibit their anger over new regulations restricting use of webpages in Turkey.Sites could be blocked by the brand new guidelines within hours with no court order. Riot police used water cannon and tear-gas on demonstrators who responded by throwing fireworks because they went towards Taksim Square, the website of large anti-government protests last summer and were out in effect. Critics of the web change accuse the federal government of attempting to hide a corruption scandal which found light following the guidelines were put to parliament. The federal government claims the reforms would protect privacy, but this did little to convince their detractors as global Press reporter Bora Bayraktar describes: “Demonstrators below didn’t purchase the words of the Prime Minister stating that ‘we aren’t banning the internet’. They expect the President may veto what the law states. If this doesn’t happen it appears likely we will have more protests like this”.

Turkey hijack risk – Passenger Tried to Hijack Plane to Sochi with Bomb Threat

Turkey hijack risk -guests talk Passenger Tried to Hijack Plane to Sochi with Bomb Threat. People to the flight that was forced to land in Istanbul due to a bomb threat are just starting to talk about their experience.  The suspect, thought to be an Ukrainian national, attemptedto hijack the plane with 110 passengers on the way from Kharkov in Ukraine to Turkey, and move it to Sochi, where in actuality the Winter Olympics were underway. However, the aircraft landed safely at Sabiha Gokcen airport, much for the relief to those up to speed. The event was recounted by Gokhan Yildirim, among the freed guests: “He stated that he’d bomb on him, and a buddy of his could increase it slightly if he was harmed.” Another individual, Mehmet Tutan, spoke of as soon as they realized they weren’t in Russia. “We thought we’d arrived in Sochi. We thought so for quite a long time. When we found out that there was a system (link) on our cell phones and we were in a position to call out, there was no running, we recognized that we weren’t in Sochi.” The event comes at the same time of high-alert throughout the Sochi Olympics. US officials warned of the possibility of ‘toothpaste’ weapons on flights earlier this week.
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Turkey’s central bank to put on crisis meeting after lira hits record levels

Turkey’s central bank will hold an urgent situation meeting of its monetary policy committee following the lira hit new record levels. The financial institution said on its website it’d to produce statement at nighttime on Tuesday to “assess current developments and take necessary policy measures for cost stability.”The central bank decided last week to put on rates of interest. Experts believe that it is unlikely to boost prices for anxiety about slowing economic growth in front of local elections due in March.Turkish areas have now been hit by a study into public-sector corruption relating to the construction industry.
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Tayyip Erdogan met with all three EU presidents

Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with all three EU presidents on Tuesday during his first trip to Brussels in five years. Plans to change Turkey’s justice system function at EUTurkey media discussion Although talks were designed to be about current deals closed and Turkey’s accession, controversial plans to change Turkey’s justice system were raised. “I stressed that Turkey as an applicant state is devoted to respect the political requirements of accession, such as the application of the rule of law and separation of powers. It’s important to not back-track on successes and to make sure that the judiciary has the capacity to function without discrimination or preferences,” mentioned European Council President Herman Van Rompuy in a news conference with Erdogan and the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. Erdogan’s government is coping with a corruption scandal and numerous judges and policemen have now been sacked or reassigned. He wants the justice minister to possess more energy and defended his ideas.“If the judiciary moves from being impartial, by acting in a partisan way, you will see significant problems. To be able to prevent these problems, it’s as much as Turkey’s parliament to help make the necessary adjustments to ensure justice is independent and impartial,” Erdogan told reporters. Global Press reporter Gülsüm Alan who covered the function said: “Here in Brussels, European leaders and the Turkish prime minister stuck for their jobs. Although Erdogan declared that he wants more improvement in the accession negotiations, [...]
Western viewpoint on Turkey’s feasible justice reforms

Western viewpoint on Turkey’s feasible justice reforms

Western viewpoint on Turkey’s feasible justice reforms Erdogan’s government is involved in a corruption scandal being an a effort to stifle opposition and the proposed reforms are seen by many.Erdogan is under-fire over plans to change the justice process – providing the justice minister more energy, while his visit was planned weeks before. The EU claims the justice process must stay impartial if Turkey doesn’t wish to jeopardise its EU candidate member status. The Turkish government is coping with an extremely severe disaster. Observed from Europe, it’s a move towards authoritarianism. But could Europe affect the span of activities in Turkey?” Marc Pierini, Carnegie Europe: “When you reassign much more prosecutors,000 police, 2, change laws and rules, check the web actions and funds of the police – these specific things are protection systems. I’d say it’s practically an admission of guilt. Global Press: “There continue to be several nations that don’t take the thought of Turkey being an EU member. Discussions have stalled in the last ten decades. There’s nothing to prevent them utilizing their veto at the conclusion of the process.” The steps obtained represent a decrease of the rule of law, “Unfortunately. Rights and justice are problems within Brussels and in other Western capitals. “The only point the EU may do is interact securely with Turkey in the accession talks. There must be political motivation for the reforms however they won’t be straightforward or straightforward. The EU should demand on these reforms if Turkey [...]
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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s first trip to Brussels

Erdogan to generally meet with EU presidents in Brussels amid Turkey problem check Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s first trip to Brussels in five years was prepared following a deal on visa-free travel was authorized last month.However, Erdogan’s meetings with all three EU Presidents on Tuesday may be overshadowed by the corruption scandal engulfing Ankara that’s resulted in resignations from his cabinet ministers and a reshuffle. “It is clearly quite interesting that the prime minister and his government, his party, which may have boasted about being anti-corruption crusaders going back year or two, are now making efforts to safeguard those that are under study,” said Steven Blockmans of the Centre of European Policy Studies. Erdogan can also be under-fire over plans to reform the justice system – providing the justice minister more power. The EU says the justice system must remain separate if Turkey doesn’t wish to jeopardise its EU candidate member status. “They (the EU) may use the chance to hammer home the purpose that Turkey should stay glued to promises that it made when it joined accession talks and it challenges possibly losing that position if and when these reforms are now being thrown back,” included Blockmans. Since December, Erdogan has sacked or reassigned 1,700 top cops, accusing them of seeking a political agenda.
Issues in Turkey as internet censorship protests turn violent

Issues in Turkey as internet censorship protests turn violent

Clashes in Turkey as internet censorship protests turn violent Water canon was used by riot police in Istanbul as crowds shown against a draft bill that will improve controls on the internet.The draft, which may allow mass surveillance of online users, is a result of be discussed in Turkey’s parliament in the coming days. Demonstrators chanted anti-government slogans and called on lawmakers to reject the bill. One-Man told euronews why he was showing: “I’m here to protect my web right,” he said. “It’s inappropriate as you purchase the web to be prohibited by someone. I’m protesting about this. And censorship is just a crime.” Based on a draft regulation, Turkey’s Communications Ministry and the directorate checking telecommunications (TIB) would get sweeping new powers over Turkish online sites providers which would permit the government to gain access to swathes of information without judicial approval. Underneath the draft procedures, web hosts could be required to store all information detail users’ online activities for approximately 2 yrs and to supply this information to authorities in Ankara upon request. Authorities can purchase access providers to block online content deemed illegal or even to be “violating privacy” of the person, within only hours and with no court decision. The amendments, which may be put into the present legislation regulating internet use, have been in a legislative package containing nearly 130 articles on a broad selection of problems. Turkey produced almost 1,700 requests for Google to get rid of content on the internet [...]