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Turkish Chief Justice Hasim Kilic complains of government interference

Top Turkish judge complains of government interference In a defiant challenge to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the top of the Constitutional Court has complained of government interference. Earlier this month Erdogan reluctantly complied with a higher court ruling to unblock Twitter. Nevertheless, he explained he explained it to be against national interests and didn’t regard the judgment.Chief Justice Hasim Kilic stated that this and related arguments have traumatised and divided the judiciary. “The judiciary may not be considered a place for setting a trap for that people’s can and isn’t. The judiciary has been referred to as a ‘gang’ along with a ‘parallel state’,” stated Kilic. Hours later, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag found Erdogan’s protection, blaming the most effective judge of acting as an “opposition party” and stating that Constitutional Court rulings aren’t beyond reproach. “To make political statements, to enter political polemics isn’t among his responsibilities,” Bozdag said.

Twitter is tax evader – Turkey PM Erdogan

Twitter is a tax evader, says Turkey PM Erdogan Following the short-lived Twitter bar in Turkey, Prime Minister Erdogan vowed to clampdown to the firm saying it’s evading tax. He added that social networking were getting used to work against Turkey’s national interests.It is available in the aftermath of leaks of alleged government corruption across internet sites. Turkey’s prime minister says he’ll follow Twitter for ‘tax-evasion’ Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan still has it set for the website, following a Turkish court ruling resulted in a ban being lifted and after it had been used to distribute information critical of him.Turkey’s prime minister appears to be buying method to stop Twitter in his place, stating in a televised speech Saturday the microblogging support is just a tax evader which his government will follow it. “Twitter, facebook, and Facebook are global organizations recognized for-profit and earning money. Twitter reaches the same time frame a tax evader. We shall pursue it,” Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, based on a study by news agency AFP. “These organizations, like every global organization, will follow tax principles, regulations, and my state’s constitution.” Twitter was prohibited by Erdogan’s government last month in a runup to elections, however the ban was later removed after Turkey’s supreme court decided that it interfered with individual rights and free-speech. The judge also ordered that the facebook ban be lifted (with 15 films to stay unavailable), [...]
Cyprus can be re-united

Cyprus can be re-united after 40 years

May the Cyprus be re-united Can the island of Cyprus be re-united four decades after the UN buffer zone was established. It’s 40 years because the buffer zone was established from the Us involving the Greek and Turkish communities about the island of Cyprus.A lot of what’s there – such as the airport continues to be caught over time as peace initiatives within the four years came and gone, proof of the deep split around the Mediterranean area. It’s a place viewed only by UN peacekeepers who’ve not experienced a significant incident since 1996. Through the years some passages have now been exposed but border controls remain.Discussions on re-marriage have opened again hastened some imagine from the development of gas off the island’s shore. “At this stage, the fundamental roles of both factors are now being offered, so it’s difficult to anticipate improvement. The truth that we’ve entered into conversation again is improvement,” said Greek Cypriot Leader Nicos Anastasiades of the discussions which got underway in February when he met with Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu. One view of the current and what some wish may be the potential does occur within the buffer area. It’s the village of Pyla with a lot more than 1,400 Greek and Turkish citizens and also the only place around the area where both stay together. Pyla is observed as symbolic of unity.“From time to time it’s really practical to mention we’d some pros and cons, but both group leaders and community members were able to be reasonable and produce [...]
Turkey court orders end of YouTube ban, echoing Twitter ruling

Turkey Court Orders End Of Google’s Youtube Official Ban, Echoing Twitter Ruling

Turkey court orders end of YouTube ban, echoing Twitter ruling A Turkish court has requested a blanket ban on YouTube to be raised, stating another judgment this week that scrapped an identical bar on Twitter. The judge in Ankara said individual rights were violated by the constraints.The prime minister has criticized the earlier judgment on Twitter from the Constitutional Court. Though he didn’t regard your decision the federal government would comply Tayyip Recep Erdogan said. There is endorsement for that judgment about the streets of Istanbul. “I think now we’re back to the correct route. The court’s choice opens the way towards freedom… What happened with the entire bar cast shame on our democracy,” said one-man. A dangerously authoritarian precedent was created by “The government. When it needed to it’d have wanted to resort to such techniques. In democracies these methods aren’t passed to authorities. They’re against democracy,” included another. Unlike with Twitter, the YouTube judgment originated from a lesser court. Some limitations remain: fifteen movies submitted for the website continue to be blocked. Global Press reporter in Istanbul stated: “With removing the bar on YouTube and Twitter, the strain in the united states has cooled off. However it appears that Turkey may debate this issue for an extended time.”
Turkey’s Twitter ban ruled unconstitutional by the country’s top court

Twitter ban lifted but Google’s Youtube still offline in Turkey

Turkey Twitter ban lifted but Google’s Youtube still offline Following the country’s constitutional court decided it breached freedom of expression in Turkey, authorities have put a ban on Twitter each day. Turkey’s telecom authority blocked use of the social networking website in March when customers spread accusations of government corruption around the community.In Ankara, the judgment was accepted by many. ‘‘This is excellent news. The Twitter bar was a violation of independence. Everyone was prevented from linking using the world. I’m happy that Twitter is back.’‘ one-man said. These sentiments were echoed by another Ankara person. ‘‘The ban was a shame for that nation and fortunately it’s raised. This can be a good action when it comes to people’s, cultural liberties and personal liberties to information,’‘ he explained. After it had been added within the run-up to local elections the federal government ban started large-scale protests across Turkey. But many Turks discovered methods for circumventing the stop, despite Primary Minister’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s promise to ‘Wipe Out Twitter’. Google’s video-sharing site facebook, that was also banned alongside Twitter, remains offline in the country.Turkey’s Twitter ban ruled unconstitutional by the country’s top court The stop on Twitter by Turkey’s government which caused a global uproar continues to be ruled a violation of freedom of expression from the country’s constitutional court. Since a nearby court-ordered it to be raised last week your decision may [...]
Turkish Prime Minister Recip Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party – the AKP has apparently taken an earlier lead-in the country’s local elections.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan takes early lead-in regional elections

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan takes early lead in local elections Turkish Prime Minister Recip Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party – the AKP has apparently taken an earlier lead-in the country’s local elections.With over 24 percent of the ballots Turkish television has set the PM’s party forward with between 44 and 48 percent of the election. Experts begin to see the poll as an emergency referendum on Erdogan’s 10-year-tip. Kemal Kilicdaroglu may be the head of the primary opposition. The PM has been described by their Republican People’s Party like a corrupt dictator. The Islamist – grounded AK Party is planning to equal or better its 2009 election of 38.8 percent. A vote below the 36 percent level could be deemed an enormous hit to Erdogan. Reports state while ballots are now being measured energy hasbeen cut-in a large number of cities and many places in Istanbul.
Turkish government bans YouTube and facebook

Turkish government bans YouTube over leaked voice recordings

Turkey shuts down YouTube over security alert Video website YouTube has been blocked in Turkey because of a recording described by the prime minister as “villainous”.Recep Tayyip Erdogan was describing a voice recording of senior officials in the government talking about a potential military operation in Syria. The audio uploaded onto YouTube has caused ‘a national security issue’, according to a spokesman from the prime minister’s office. The Turkish government is in talks with YouTube and the ban may be lifted if the audio in question is removed from the site. Blocking access to Youtube comes a week after Erdogan criticised social networking sites, claiming they contain “all sorts of lies”. Speaking about a number of leaked voice recording on YouTube, the prime minister said the uploading was “dishonesty”. The Turkish government’s clampdown on social media has been criticised abroad and within the country. “This raises concerns. I am uneasy over these developments and my biggest concern is what will happen if this government wins the next election,” said Istanbul resident Robin Cetin. “Their approach is political and they don’t care about what people think. This is an authoritarian ruling,” added Rabia, who also lives in Istanbul. Last week Turkey’s government restricted access to social networking site Twitter, but the ban was later overturned by a court. Turkey shuts down YouTube over security alert ============================================== as per details: Turkey’s telecoms authority has shut down YouTube. Regulators say an anonymous [...]
Turkey targets Syrian war aircraft

Turkey targets Syrian war aircraft

Turkey shoots down Syrian war jet – Syrian conflict spreading Turkish military shot down a Syrian conflict aircraft on Sunday after Ankara stated the aircraft had violated its airspace.Condemning Turkey’s steps, Damascus identified it when it was brought down as a ‘Blatant Aggression’ requiring the aircraft have been seeking rebel fighters in Kasab inside Syria. The Syrian border area has been the scene of strong bloody fighting between rebels and forces loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad. Turkey’s army says it warned two Syrian Mig-23s four times following the planes got near to the Turkish border. Damascus established the pilot were able to eject prior to the aircraft crashed in Syria. Gunfight in Beirut as Syrian conflict spreads to Lebanon As those on both sides of the Syrian conflict traded gunfire violence has erupted within the Lebanese capital Beirut. The issues come a week after 25 everyone was killed in-fighting in the northern city of Tripoli between supporters of the Syrian rebels and the ones that back the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. The people caught in the crossfire want nothing related to the carnage: “We are the people of the region there are no Salafists or something, we live here, some participate in the ‘Future Movement’, it’s a combination. We’re tired of the thugs. We’ve had enough! We ask the president and the army to resolve this. We lost someone today that has nothing related to this,” said one mad citizen. The Lebanese army hasbeen quick to respond with troops and armoured personnel carriers used for the [...]
Turkey Erdogan says protests ‘nothing to do with democracy’

Turkey Erdogan says protests ‘nothing related to democracy’

Turkey Erdogan says protests ‘nothing to do with democracy’ Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan accused protesters of attempting to cause chaos to influence local elections after Turkey’s worst time of civil unrest to date this season.Erdogan shows the issues, and a corruption scandal that’s become one of is own greatest challenges included in an anti-government plan. “You were said to be democrats, pro-independence. These are charlatans, they’ve nothing related to democracy, they don’t rely on the ballot box,” Erdogan said at an opening ceremony for an underground train line-in the administrative centre Ankara. “They say let’s cause disorder and perhaps we’ll obtain a result. But my friends in Ankara and Turkey can give the required response on March 30 (within the regional forms),” he added. Riot police clashed with demonstrators within Instanbul on Wednesday as mourners buried 15-year-old Berkin Elvan injured in last year’s protests. His death this week after seven months in a coma sparked a brand new wave of unrest. On Wednesday evening, police fired water cannon and tear-gas to prevent thousands of demonstrators reaching Instanbul’s Taksim square. Several stated Erdogan’s stop on Elvan’s death outlined how out-of-touch he’s with a lot of Turkish culture.
Turkey’s questionable internet law gets presidential approval

Turkey’s questionable internet law gets presidential approval

Turkey’s dubious internet law gets presidential approval Turkish Leader Abdullah Gul has approved a brand new law tightening control of the Web.It’ll allow the authorities to block use of webpages within hours with no prior court order. The controversial bill has sparked concerns over censorship that the government denies, saying it’s making the web safer Turkey hasbeen seeking membership of the European Union for many years, however the new legislation is one of many which have raised concern in Brussels, which concerns it’s moving further from EU norms.