U.S. says has indications toxic chemical used in Syria in April

U.S. says has symptoms toxic chemical weapons found in Syria

U.S. says has indications toxic chemical used in Syria in April America it is evaluating if the Syrian government was liable and has signs that the harmful substance, possibly chlorine, was utilized in Syria this month, the U.S. State Department said on Monday. “We’ve signs of the usage of a hazardous industrial chemical” within the city of Kfar Zeita, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, talking about a rebel-held region.“We’re reviewing claims the government was accountable,” she told a regular media briefing. “Obviously there must be a study of what’s happened here.” Syrian opposition activists reported that chlorine gas was dropped by planes on Kfar Zeita on April 11 and 12. The U.S. ambassador for the Un, Samantha Power, told ABC television’s “This Week” on April 13 the strike was “unsubstantiated.” Psaki said chlorine wasn’t among the concern a couple of substances Syria announced towards the Business for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) under a Russian-U.S. agreement for the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile. Psaki said the United States was still attempting to decide the reality. “We consider all suggestions of the usage of substances in battle use quite seriously,” she said.” We’ll use the OPCW, who’s clearly managing the implementation, and decide if any abuse occurred.” An U.N. request present in December that sarin gas had probably been utilized in Jobar, around the outskirts of Damascus, in August [...]
Syria's Assad pays Easter visit to recaptured Christian town

Syria’s Assad pays Easter visit to recaptured Christian town

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday visited an ancient Christian town recaptured from rebels last week, state media said, as he seeks to persuade minorities that the government is their best protection against hardline Islamists. Assad’s Easter visit to Maaloula – a rare appearance outside central Damascus – also highlighted growing government confidence in recent gains against insurgents around the capital and along the Lebanese border. Islamist fighters, including some from the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, had taken over part of Maaloula in December and held several nuns captive until releasing them in March in a prisoner-exchange deal.On Monday, government forces retook the town, which is roughly 60 km (40 miles) north of Damascus and has changed hands multiple times, the latest in a series of advances against rebels in the Qalamoun mountains region. During his visit, Assad inspected Mar Sarkis – a Greek Orthodox monastery dating to the fourth century – and damage caused “at the hands of terrorists,” state news agency SANA said, using the government’s customary term for the rebels. The agency said he also visited the Mar Thecla monastery, which also suffered damage during fighting for the town. Images published by SANA showed Assad, dressed in a beige blazer, waving and examining antiquities as he toured the area with church officials. A Reuters reporter in Maaloula on a state-organized tour said Syrian soldiers and members of the loyalist National Defense Force militia were stationed throughout the town, where homes [...]
Syria Freed French journalists head home

Syria Freed French journalists head home

Syria Freed French journalists head home Four French journalists freed from captivity in Syria are on their way home. Nicolas Henin, Pierre Torrès, Edouard Elias and Didier Francois were abducted by Islamist fighters last June. The men were reportedly found blindfolded and bound by Turkish troops patrolling next to the Syrian border.President Francois Hollande, who is expected to meet the released hostages when they arrive in France shortly, said they were all in good health. Speaking on French TV the father of freed journalist Nicolas Henin said: ‘‘There were hopes, signs that a process for their release had begun, but we knew it was going to be very difficult and we didn’t expect this outcome so soon.’‘ ‘‘A huge surprise, immeasurable joy and tears. I can’t stand, I’m completely overwhelmed,’‘ said the sister of Pierre Torrès Fabien Namias, the Director of French radio station Europe 1, whose reporter Didier Francois was also taken captive, welcomed the news. ‘‘We never doubted that we would see them again, but we didn’t know when, and how and in what condition. Now there’s a real sense of relief and we can breath easy,’‘ he said. The French government has insisted in did not pay any ransom to the reporters captors for their release from Syria.
Shameful Syria poison gas attack confirmed by government

Syria poison gas attack established by rebels and government

Syria poison gas attack confirmed by government and rebels Rebel forces and Syrian government media stated that poison gas have been utilized in a central town, injuring scores of individuals, while accusing one another for that assault.Movies have appeared claiming to exhibit a hospital room in Kfar Zeita which was full of kids and men, a number of whom breathing through oxygen masks.On a single bed, six kids were shown by the movie on the bed, some appearing to have a problem breathing while some cried. Euronews can’t independently verify the authenticity of the video. State-run Syrian television charged members of the al-Queda linked Nusra Entrance for using chlorine gas within the town of Kfar Zeita within the central province of Hama killing two people and injuring over 100.Meanwhile authorities aboard a chemical-weapons destroyer ship docked in southern Spain are prepared to begin working on Syria’s harmful hands inventory in the centre of the Mediterranean as soon as May.The Syrian government decided to give its stockpile under a global package backed by Washington and Moscow. The tools include precursors for lethal nerve agents sarin, mustard and sulphur gas.
Syrian opposition leader seeks weapons

Syrian opposition leader seeks tools to fight

Syrian opposition leader seeks weapons The first choice of the Syrian National Council, an opposition party, has taken his demand hands towards the European Parliament.Ahmed Jarba told MEPs in a hearing in Brussels that his team needed hands to fight off attacks in the Assad regime. He was talking 3 years on from the beginning of the Syrian conflict. As that’s not feasible “We are requesting guns, not direct military involvement. We are in need of certain tools to defeat the Syrian airforce,” stated Jarba. “That’s what we would like so that the regime’s air forces are removed and so that things may evolve and change naturally.” Over 146,000 individuals have died because the country’s civil war broke out in March 2011, based on the Syrian Observatory for Human-Rights. The UN stopped updating its death toll in January, saying such information was also hard to confirm.
Car-Bomb in Syrian refugee camp kills at-least six persons

Car-Bomb in Syrian refugee camp kills at-least six persons

Car-Bomb in Syrian refugee camp kills at-least six persons At-Least six individuals have died following a car-bomb exploded at a Syrian refugee camp near to the Turkish border.Dozens more were injured once the blast occurred on Thursday in the Bab al-Salama border crossing. The wounded were taken by ambulance to hospitals in the Turkish city of Kilis. Tens and thousands of individuals have fled from Aleppo to Turkey previously three months due to increased bombing by President Assad’s causes. Aleppo is simply 50 kilometers from Turkey. Directors at the refugee camp claimed at least 20 tents were destroyed in the explosion and they’d pulled bodies out-of them. The death toll is likely to increase. An al qaeda linked group, the Islamic State-Of Iraq and the Levant, said it’d been behind the attack
Russia, China support uncertain for US Syria help election

Russia, China support uncertain for US about Syria help in UN

Russia, China support uncertain for US about Syria in UNWhilst The fighting continues in Syria, the UN Security Council is placed to vote on the draft decision to enhance humanitarian aid access, possibly as soon as Friday. However, it’s unclear if Russia and China will veto it.The written text – submit by Luxembourg, Jordan and Australia – involves needs for cross border support entry, no further shelling and aerial bombardment – including barrel weapons – and calls on all parties to finish sieges of densely-populated areas quickly. Additionally, it threatens unspecified “further steps” in case of non compliance. The resolution’s vendors had hoped to obtain Moscow’s support by including some wording from an alternate Russian text. Russia – which has protected Syria from UN Security Council condemnations throughout the three-year civil war there – has said it’d only support an answer that’s not “politicised”. Moscow and Beijing are two of the five veto-wielding powers about the 15-member council. They’ve previously vetoed several resolutions condemning Syria’s government and threatening it with possible sanctions. The Un says 9.3 million people in Syria need help. UN aid chief Valerie Amos last week told the UN Security Council to do something to improve humanitarian access. Amos has repeatedly expressed disappointment that red-tape and assault have slowed aid deliveries into a trickle.
Geneva peace talks on Syria finish , Deadlock continues

Geneva peace talks on Syria finish – Deadlock continues

Both sides in a deadlock as Geneva peace talks on Syria finish The Geneva peace talks on Syria drew to a detailed on Saturday with little proof of improvement. Among not many deals made in the talks was to arrange a third-round of talks. However no date has yet been established.UN global mediator Lakhdar Brahimi apologised to the Syrian people for the small improvements. “The little that’s been accomplished in Homs, gave them much more hope that perhaps this may be the start of the appearing out of this terrible disaster they’re in. I apologise to them that on both of these models we’ve not served them really much.” It quickly became obvious the issue of the change of leadership in Syria hadn’t even been broached, leading Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad for the difficulty to be blamed by the French and British governments. A gaping rift remains between both sides, with each claiming another refused to accept adopt a proposed draft plan. Louay Safi, delegate for the resistance Syrian National Council (SNC) said the federal government delegation was just involved in talks on “ending assault and combatting terrorism.” He said the program wasn’t pleased to discuss the area within the draft plan concerning the Transitional Governing Body, which may not include al-Assad. However, government delegate Bashar al-Jaafari refuted claims that his side was unwilling to simply accept the draft. “We spent six days speaing frankly about the need to look at a draft agenda… as the other part did not.” the draft plan was quickly approved by us He continued [...]
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Geneva peace talks begin after countless Syrians flee besieged Homs

Round two of Geneva peace talks begin after countless Syrians flee besieged Homs A second-round of UN-sponsored peace talks between your Syrian government and opposition start today in Geneva.Delegates from both sides have appeared for the conversations which are required to last five days but there’s no indication these will fair much better than round one. Last time there clearly was not really a strong offer on humanitarian aid aside from motion on the problem of the transitional government. However since that time some support hasbeen granted in to the besieged city of Homs along side evacuations finishing in 600 people being presented on Sunday from Syrian Red Crescent and the UN. Video clip in the town revealed scores of children, women and older men because they hurried to UN vehicles carrying several bags of items. Homs was one of the very first places to rebel from the government of President Bashar al-Assad in 2011 and in the last year its individuals have suffered hunger and deprivation brought on by one of the very protracted blockades of the struggle.
Cease-fire broken UN aid convoy attacked in Syria

Cease-fire broken UN aid convoy attacked in Syria

Cease-fire broken UN aid convoy attacked in Syria An UN convoy found itself under-fire because it attemptedto provide aid for the besieged city of Homs in Syria.Eight cars were blocked for all hours. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent said mortar fire landed near one of the vehicles wounding one of the people and other studies show four paramedics were also hurt. Regardless Of The holdup, the Red Cross were able to provide help to 3,000 citizens within the rebel-held Old Town that has been under siege going back 1 5 years. The event came on day two of the three day UN-brokered cease-fire with both government and opposition forces pointing the finger of blame for that assault. Many residents continue steadily to flee the conflict area, on Friday more than 80 everyone was evacuated, many malnourished. They told journalists that lots of remain who wish to keep. The Syrian government had declared it’d attend another round of peace talks due in Geneva on Monday.