Israel is defying the world by "sabotaging" Peace - South African President Jacob Zuma

Israel is defying the world by “sabotaging” Peace – South African President Jacob Zuma

PRETORIA: Israel is defying the world by “sabotaging” prospects for a two state solution through its settlements policy, South African President Jacob Zuma said on Wednesday as he welcomed visiting Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas. “The truth is the fact that the overwhelming majority in the world agrees with the position of two states living side by side in peace, but we’ve a problem of a state that is defying all of that,” said Zuma. “We reiterate our call for the absolute cessation of all settlement activities,” he told a joint news conference with Abbas. Criticising the way the United Nations works, he added: “I do not believe the system should let that one nation can defy the world.” South Africa had appointed two special envoys for the task and was prepared to assist with discussions between the Palestinians and Israel, Zuma added.Abbas said the Palestinians sought to profit from South Africa’s “successful experiences” in developing an independent state. “The Palestinians are the last nation in the world that’s still living under occupation,” Abbas said. Zuma’s ruling African National Congress is a firm supporter of the Palestinian cause, with politicians regularly comparing Israel to the former racist apartheid state in South Africa. The white minority government had cooperative relationships with Israel, but when Nelson Mandela was elected first democratic president in 1994, he pledged to support Palestine, saying: “South Africa’s freedom is incomplete without [...]
Dozens of protesters arrested after South African election results

Many political workers arrested after South African election results

Dozens of protesters arrested after South African election results South African police arrested 59 people in Johannesburg immediately following postelection protests, experts said Saturday. Police used rubber bullets to distribute the demonstrators, who burned tires within the township of Alexandria.“calm and Peace continues to be restored locally of Alexandra,” said Police Brig. Neville Malila. Those caught can look in court Monday, he explained. The African National Congress won the general election, securing to strength despite corruption allegations and financial worries. Provisional results demonstrate the ruling party got 62.2% of the election. The Democratic Coalition put a distant second with 22.2% of the election, while four different functions split the remainder. Millions voted Wednesday to choose representatives in new legislatures in addition to 400 people of Parliament within the country’s eight provinces, based on the South African Press Association. The electoral commission noted only more than 73% turnout one of the country’s 25 million registered voters. The ANC still enjoys widespread support following the start of democracy in South Africa as well as the beat of the apartheid system but has ruled for two decades. But its reputation has had popular amid numerous scandals, including accusations of President Jacob Zuma misusing a lot more than $20 million of public profit changes to his vast rural homestead in Nkandla. He’s denied any wrongdoing.
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IEC responds to differences on audited election results

IEC responds to discrepancies on audited election results The IEC has responded to accusations of voting differences, stating the worst situations are a direct result modifications being made. The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) on Saturday replied to accusations of voting differences, stating the worst situations were a direct result modifications being made.A scanned slide at Hoërskool Montana in Pretoria differed greatly using what was noted from the IEC and signed-off by auditors. Watch the scanned slide for the captured results as well as Montana Hoerskool. “The results about the program taken and were fixed according to the outcomes slide,” the IEC stated in reaction to inquiries in the Email & Guardian. The audit trail about the IEC’s program clearly indicates national outcomes were noted in problem which it was fixed. But there’s no accessible slide or saving of the modification. Similar discrepancies Meanwhile, G & the M was notified on Saturday of the similar difference where the ANC election taken was almost double of this about the slide but no auditing trail was proven to have captured the problem. In the Gugulethu Civic Hall in Cape Town, the ANC was noted as having gotten 1 827 votes within the provincial count – about 86PERCENT of votes cast. However the scanned results slide revealed only 980 votes for the ANC. “If here is the situation with this particular voting place then just how many others exist?” impartial observer Mike Atkins told the M&G. There are also several situations where much more ballots were forged provincially [...]
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Malema cheers SA for peaceful elections

Malema commends SA for peaceful elections Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) head Julius Malema has recommended South Africans for peaceful elections. Malema resolved press in the IEC’s national outcomes center in Pretoria previously Saturday, calling on Alexandra people to avoid abuse.33-year-old Malema may be the newest and first head within the background of the nation to get obtained an event to parliament. The self-confident chief says it’s not going to get the party 50 years to dominate government. Despite congratulating DA and the ANC due to their individual wins, Malema didn’t spare the ruling party from criticism, stating the ANC has the truth is lost. We accept life and defeat continues However, Malema claims aside from a few of the mistakes experienced, the selection process went pretty well. “We’ve once again demonstrated the multi-party democracy does exist in SA. Within the entire world you will find no ideal elections – we’ve seen also in the US, the judge fixing election disputes,” he says. Malema has also urged citizens of Alexandra to stay calm after accusations of election-rigging started running battles between a few people and authorities. “We accept life and defeat continues,” says Malema. “People in Alexandra, we call upon one to accept defeat. Get it done in a sensible way, do not put SA into ashes”. Malema has also assured that EFF won’t do something to compromise the peace the late President Nelson Mandela fought for, within this country.
South Africa's Zuma assured National development after winning elections

South Africa’s Zuma assured National development after winning elections

South Africa’s Zuma promises growth after army crackdown on protests South African President Jacob Zuma assured on Saturday to drive through company-friendly reforms, signaling he’d make use of a significant election win to pursue economic development within the experience of leftist opposition. Their vows ramp-up infrastructure projects and to produce jobs emerged after his ruling ANC government sent its military to quell post-election unrest in a Johannesburg slum, among its more noticeable break-downs on condition in recent memory.Burdened with slow economic development and destructive hits in his first-term, the scandal-hit Zuma reaches pains to calm investor worries about Africa’s most developed economy. During the last year-he has spent less time about the desires of unions, whose long walkouts have stunted growth. The previous liberation movement also faces increasing frustration in the thousands still trapped in grinding poverty, as the African National Congress got a genuine 62 percent in South Africa’s fifth article-apartheid elections. “This requirement allows us the greenlight to promote job creation and comprehensive economic development and also to apply the National Development Plan,” Zuma stated in his acceptance speech, talking about a professional-enterprise system used from the ANC in 2012. He’s generally likely to today employ a technocrat case within an effort handle 25 percent unemployment and to regenerate the economy. Zuma suggested this week the ANC had a need to have a more pro-business position, blaming the [...]
“Thugs raped my wife at Nkandla” – President Jacob Zuma

My spouse was raped by “Thugs at Nkandla” – President Jacob Zuma

“Thugs raped my wife at Nkandla” – President Jacob Zuma President Jacob Zuma told journalists in Johannesburg on Monday because among his wives have been raped there the cause he’d the security beefed up in his Nkandla homestead was Zuma wouldn’t say provide the precise year the event occurred, but stated that it was still when he was an MEC. “There were conditions that required protection, especially for my homestead. Subsequently thieves arrived and raped and our homestead was burned twice during assault my spouse in the period I was still the MEC.” Zuma said, handling the press concerning the Nkandla scandal.The leader also stated because it wasn’t his issue that he wasn’t stressed concerning the Nkandla scandal, Eyewitness News stories. The general public protector’s statement, launched in March, discovered that his family and Zuma had unduly benefited in the low-safety updates performed at Nkandla. However, the leader it has declined to settle the income as suggested from the public defender and has declined to take responsibility for that spending. “No government has generated Zuma’s house. But there’s nothing that’s being stated by people who were making the state at first,” he explained. Zuma said flatly he wasn’t contacted concerning the updates. “They did this without telling me, why should I purchase anything I didn’t request?” ANN7 shot Zuma saying this throughout the ANC’s door-to-entrance election campaign in Cape Town’s Gugulethu township in March. “I did nothing wrong. They won’t [...]
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South Africa marks two decades of freedom in front of election

South Africa marks 20 years of freedom ahead of election South Africa noted 20 years of multi-racial democracy on Sunday, still feeling the lack of Nelson Mandela as well as in somber mood only 10 days before elections that are likely to maintain the African National Congress (ANC) party in power. Sunday’s celebrations held an unique poignancy as this is actually the first “Freedom Day” because the passage of Mandela, the anti-apartheid icon who died in December in the age of 95.His name was evoked many times by South Africa’s current president Jacob Zuma during a ceremony attended by around 5,000 persons under bright autumn skies outside the elaborate Union Structures, the seat of government. “Our nation continues to bring about creating a much better world and a better Africa, building on Madiba’s heritage,” Zuma said, talking about Mandela by his family name. The ANC under Zuma has seen its star disappear because the heady days of the one-term in office and also the freedom struggle against white domination supported by Mandela, who focused his powerful personality and appeal for the reason for racial reconciliation. A cartoon in the Sunday Independent newspaper represented a black female voter happily placing a check-mark on Mandela’s image in 1994 alongside the characters ANC. In 2014, exactly the same girl angrily represents an X over Zuma’s image. Experts claim that lots of ANC politicians are far more enthusiastic about self-enrichment than support and graft is prevalent. “for many South Africans issues aren’t [...]
World wine production rose dramatically this past year, even while international consumption stagnated.Spain, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa increased wine production and sales.

More wine being made, but who’s drinking it

More wine being produced, but who’s drinking it World wine production rose dramatically this past year, even while international consumption stagnated. Spain, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa increased wine production and sales.Overall output was up by 8.5 percent in comparison to 2012. Three European nations – France, Spain and Italy – account for 47 percent of your wine manufactured in the planet. And this past year Spain increased its output by 31 percent, overtaking France.This past year Italy ended up nearly fifty million hectolitres, Spain 42.7 million and France 42 million. America was the fourth-largest manufacturer with 22 million hectolitres. 133 containers are produced by only one hectolitre. Answering overproduction, the European Union it has offered grapes that produce better-quality wine and has previously limited vine planting. The International Organisation of Wine and Vine, which released the output numbers, suggests use is recovering following the decrease following a 2008 financial crisis.
Pistorius trial Girlfriend’s ‘I’m scared of you’ text message

South Africa: Pistorius Trial Girlfriend’s ‘I’m scared of you’ sms

Pistorius trial Girlfriend’s ‘I’m scared of you’ text message The Oscar Pistorius trial has heard the athlete’s girlfriend said she was frightened of him in a text significantly less than three months before he shot her dead.A police expert in court in Pretoria, Chief Francois Moller, examine a few of the communications Reeva Steencamp had delivered to the South African double amputee athlete. They included: “I am frightened of you often and how you snap at me and how you’ll respond to me.” “I am trying my better to make you happy and I feel as if you often never are, regardless of the effort I put in.”“I can’t be attacked by outsiders for relationship you and be attacked by you – the main one person I deserve protection from.” Earlier, the most recent of many neighbors said she’d heard gunfire and woman’s and a guy screams. “It was minutes following the shots, I heard a girl screaming, terrified, terrified, screaming,” Anette Stipp told the judge. “I believed to my man, it seems in my experience as though there’s a household murder.” Reeva Steencamp’s mother was the type of in court, using the situation now in its fourth week. Pistorius denies killing the design on Valentine’s Day this past year, insisting he opened fire after mistaking her for an intruder hiding in a bathroom at his house.
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Oscar Pistorius murder trial to begin – pleads ‘not guilty’

Oscar Pistorius murder trial to start The murder trial of Oscar Pistorius is placed to start on Monday, just over annually because he shot and killed his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentines day.Their support has long argued that Steenkamp was accidentally killed by Pistorius after mistaking her for an intruder. However The justice maintain the internationally-known Paralympic athlete, killed her in a fit of anger. The event has attracted the gaze of international media outlets and has established a good issue in South Africa. Pistorius, named the blade runner, made history in 2012, becoming the very first double amputee track athlete to compete in the Olympics. However now it’s his off the monitor measures that dominate conversation, together with his test set-to be broadcast survive Television. Oscar Pistorius pleads ‘not guilty’ as murder trial starts South African Paralympian Oscar Pistorius has pleaded not liable to the opening day of his murder trial.Coming To court in Pretoria on Monday, the media frenzy expecting the player and his legal team provided a touch of the promotion that will be likely to surround the event. Pistorius fatally shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day this past year. The deceased model’s mom June Steenkamp was also in court for the beginning of the test. The double amputee track star, also called the ‘Blade Runner’, has denied murder, claiming the killing was a tragic case of mistaken identity. He says he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder hiding in the bathroom at his house