Unlawful Appointment of DRAP CEO & illegal Medicine Price hike can Lead Prime Minister to Disqualification

Unlawful Appointment of DRAP CEO & illegal Medicine Price hike can Lead Prime Minister to Disqualification  Illegal Appointment of DRAP CEO & unlawful Medicine Price hike raising questions on Qualifications of PRIME MINISTER.   BY: MOHAMMAD IMRAN KHAN – CEO PAKISTAN PRESS CLUB  The removal of chief executive officer of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) is the need of time as Appointment of Dr Muhammad Aslam as CEO DRAP is a shamefully pathetic, illegal and unlawful. The first full time chief executive officer (CEO) for the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP), which was being run on the Ad hoc basis for the last two years, was appointed on Friday 6th February 2015 but unfortunately this appointment was illegal and mala fide. The Establishment Division issued a notification, appointing Dr Muhammad Aslam, who has a doctorate in pharmacy, as the new CEO on a three-year contract. However, according to sources, the contract may be extended for another year. The Establishment Division issued a notification, which was the intentional dishonest act by not fulfilling legal or contractual obligations, misleading nation, entering into an agreement violating basic standards of honesty in dealing with Nation as Dr Muhammad Aslam is a convicted person by Drug Court Peshawar. Appointment letter of Dr Muhammad Aslam as CEO DRAP is a shamefully pathetic document. It shows the overall incompetence of extremely corrupt Pakistani ruling elite. It shows the incompetence of those who drafted it, those who signed it, those who benefited from it, those who took it [...]
Thai court says PM should stepdown for constitutional structure break

Thai court orders PM should step-down for constitution breach

Thai court says PM should stepdown for constitutional structure break A Thai court said she can no further serve as caretaker top, a choice prone to raise tensions within the bitterly divided country and observed Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra responsible on Wednesday of breaking the structure.Judges providing the judgment stated Yingluck had abused her place to ensure that a family member might take advantage of related work techniques by moving the nation’s National Security Council key to a different article in 2011. It was unclear whether Yingluck’s case, or cabinet members at that time of the move in 2011, would need to step-down alongside her. Judges were still reading the verdict. Yingluck’s treatment will probably provide her followers in to the streets in protest.
Viktor Orban

Hungarians re-elect Orban their guy at the very top

Hungarians elect Orban their man at the top Their reputation continues to be reconfirmed with a third electoral success. Viktor Orban acquired in 1998 after which this year. And today, Hungary’s prime minister has got the people’s requirement to carry on ruling. Their rhetoric struck a chord with followers pleased with how his Fidesz party and he have handled items.On strategy, he instructed them: “Working as well as you we’ve changed Hungary. From a classic banger having a flat tyre we’ve constructed a trusted, quick, strong race car.” Both in the home and abroad, experts called him autocratic, even populist, however the majority either disagreed or it had been good together. Orban’s entry into politics coincided with the disintegration of communist regimes in western Europe.In 1993, he was a staunch anti-communist, contemporary centrist then, but got a change towards the right when he re-secured the Fidesz party, an alliance of young democrats he’d started five decades earlier, in marriage using the middle income traditional Hungarian social coalition. In 1998, at their head, he turned Europe’s newest prime minister, at age 35. He’d good quality effects however in 2002 the socialists won with a slim border. He spent ten years in weight. Fundamentally, the remaining coalition’s history became a catastrophe and he was re-elected. Since that time, experiencing a big part in parliament that brooked no discussion, the effort has been taken and kept by him. Electricity costs were reduced by him, and railed against the energy of the banks [...]
Matteo Renzi

New Italy PM Renzi claims quick reforms

New Italy PM Renzi claims quick reforms Italy’s Youthful Prime Minister in a Rush Sixty-three authorities in sixty-nine years, with twenty-seven distinct Primary Ministers—so why should we care that Italy includes a new government, with still another Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi?If experts discover the wild character of Italian politics tedious and pointless it’s clear. It may appear to be a happy-go-round: the folks about the colored horses change, nevertheless when the music stops we’re within the same location. Previously two decades, Italy’s issues have remained depressingly familiar: a political and educational system, a massive national debt, high-unemployment, a sizable, inefficient bureaucracy, and a stagnating economy that discourages value, development, initiative, and chance.And yet you can find reasons to think that Renzi, the first choice of the middle-left Democratic Party, may end up being among the more interesting and long-enduring numbers in Italian politics. At thirty nine, he’s the youngest Prime Minister in German history—younger actually, with a month or two, compared to small Benito Mussolini when he was asked to create a government in the aftermath of his March on Rome, in 1922. Because Italy is just a country that’s devolved right into a gerontocracy Renzi’s youth issues: positions of power are filled by men within their fifties, sixties, and seventies, while youth unemployment is above forty percent. The task market is bifurcated between terribly well-secured older employees who can’t be dismissed and younger [...]
Egyptian Prime Minister ,Hazem el-Beblawi

Egypt’s government resigns

Egypt’s government resigns Egyptian Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi said on Monday the federal government would be to decide.“Today the case took a choice to provide its resignation to the president of the republic,” Beblawi said in a televised statement. He offered no obvious reason behind your decision. Beblawi was hired after the army toppled leader Mohamed Mursi last July following mass protests against his rule.Paper Al-Ahram said your decision was made following a 15-second meeting of the cabinet. Military chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who’s likely to run for president, was area of the case, serving as defense minister
Lebanon’s prime minister Tammam Salam appeals for compromise as he announces new government

Lebanon’s prime minister Tammam Salam appeals for compromise as he announces new government

Lebanon’s prime minister Tammam Salam  appeals for compromise as he announces new government Lebanon introduced its new government on Saturday, bringing to a finish a ten-month political deadlock.Prime Minister Tammam Salam have been not able to form a government since being hired in April 2013 due to deep divisions between Shi’ite Hezbollah politicians and his Sunni-led coalition. On Lebanese Television Salam said they’d overcome their differences to create a cabinet in a ‘spirit of inclusivity.’ “I extend my hand to all the commanders and I rely on their knowledge to attain these objectives and I call on them all to compromise for the benefit of the state.’‘ Among the most important problems for the brand new government to tackle is likely to be national-security, with violence spilling over from nearby Syria. Car bombs have now been fond of political and protection goals in the united states, especially in Hezbollah stronghold areas. The nation is divided across the same sectarian lines as Syria. The federal government will even need certainly to cope with the influx of refugees from Syria, who currently constitute around a quarter of Lebanon’s population.
Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra ,Yingluck Shinawatra

Thailand election: Polling interrupted

Thailand election: Polling interrupted, but no significant violence Split Thailand ballots but resistance threatens study trouble Thailand is voting in a general election against a history of pressure and unrest within the divided nation.  Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra voted early, right after polls opened in Bangkok.But more violence is anticipated, your day after eight everyone was injured in a standoff between proponents and opponents of the embattled leader. Anti-government protesters want to disrupt the election and force the prime minister to resign.They feel she’s only puppet of her brother Thaksin Shinawatra, the previous chief ousted from power and residing in self imposed exile. Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban has brought requires a poll boycott. The opposition wants the federal government replaced with a “People’s Council” that will root out corruption and cronyism. The most recent wave of protests started in November following the ruling party attempted to add a blanket amnesty. Despite huge security implementation, studies state polling hasbeen interrupted by demonstrators in certain places. Split Thailand ballots but resistance threatens study trouble Voting in Thailand’s general election has passed off with no major violence. That’s despite armed clashes between supporters and opponents of embattled prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra on the eve of the study. But voting was damaged in nearly a fifth of constituencies. “There are 93,952 polling stations nationwide, 83,813 kept the election. It amounts to 89.2 percent of all of [...]
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China Criticizes Japanese PM’s Trip to a War Memorial,Japan-China tensions take center stage

China Criticizes Japanese Leader’s Trip to a War Memorial, Japan-China tensions take center stage with Abe in Davos & U.S. Tries Abe Guarantee He will not Visit War ShrineAuthorities Are Trying To Find to Help Ease Tensions in East AsiaDAVOS, Switzerland—Escalating tensions between Japan and China again spilled over at the Planet Economic Forum here, with China’s foreign minister shooting back at Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe after Mr. Abe had earlier used the conference to protect his trip to a controversial war shrine. China’s Wang Yi also questioned Mr. Abe over an indicator he designed to reporters that strains in relations between your two Asian giants have a parallel in what happened a century ago when Germany and Britain visited war although their companies were deeply entwined. “It strikes me that his record is just a bit anachronistic,” Mr. Wang said in a question-and-answer period after giving a speech in the Swiss ski-resort where in actuality the international elite get every year.“there is a world of difference between your present period and a century ago,” he explained. “Causes of peace on the planet are developing. Peace is assured.” In a keynote speech on Wednesday, Mr. Abe said there have been a “significant uncertainty” over his visit last month to the Yasukuni Shrine. Mr. Abe described in certain detail that the shrine does not just recognize convicted war criminals from World-War II—a supply of outrage for China, which was invaded and brutally occupied by Western troops—but [...]
US Officials Are Seeking to Ease Tensions between CHINA & Japan

US Officials Are Seeking to Ease Tensions between CHINA & Japan

US Officials Are Seeking to Ease Tensions between CHINA & Japan U.S. Tries Abe Guarantee He will not Visit War Shrine, Authorities Are Trying To Find to Help Ease Tensions in Asia WASHINGTON—U.S. authorities say they’re seeking assurances from Japan that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will not repeat a trip to a war shrine that angered China and South Korea and will ask Mr. Abe to think about reaffirming Tokyo’s previous official apologies over World-War II in a bid to help ease tensions in East Asia. But even while Washington searches for calm, Seoul and Beijing bristled again-this week over new comments by Mr. Abe on his shrine visit, underscoring the problems the U.S. encounters in its diplomatic drive.U.S. officials said they certainly were searching for assurances from Mr. Abe that he’d refrain from further actions and comments that ruffled Japan’s neighbors, who’re already suspicious of his policy agenda. The authorities said they’re promoting the demands independently via a number of diplomatic meetings in Washington and Tokyo. The authorities said they certainly were urging Japan to achieve out to South Korea to finish their bickering, that will be complicating efforts for that important U.S. partners to interact on larger regional problems. And, the officials say, they’re also asking Tokyo to take actions to deal with years-old arguments over forced prostitution at Japanese military brothels in World-War II. It is not obvious exactly what the U.S. could do if its demands are rebuffed. A Japanese Foreign Ministry spokesman [...]
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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s first trip to Brussels

Erdogan to generally meet with EU presidents in Brussels amid Turkey problem check Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s first trip to Brussels in five years was prepared following a deal on visa-free travel was authorized last month.However, Erdogan’s meetings with all three EU Presidents on Tuesday may be overshadowed by the corruption scandal engulfing Ankara that’s resulted in resignations from his cabinet ministers and a reshuffle. “It is clearly quite interesting that the prime minister and his government, his party, which may have boasted about being anti-corruption crusaders going back year or two, are now making efforts to safeguard those that are under study,” said Steven Blockmans of the Centre of European Policy Studies. Erdogan can also be under-fire over plans to reform the justice system – providing the justice minister more power. The EU says the justice system must remain separate if Turkey doesn’t wish to jeopardise its EU candidate member status. “They (the EU) may use the chance to hammer home the purpose that Turkey should stay glued to promises that it made when it joined accession talks and it challenges possibly losing that position if and when these reforms are now being thrown back,” included Blockmans. Since December, Erdogan has sacked or reassigned 1,700 top cops, accusing them of seeking a political agenda.