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Press Clubs of Pakistan are listed here –  50 Pakistani press clubs listed A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6  7 8 9 0 Awami Press Club President: M. Aslam Hujrvi Secretary General: Haji Muhammad Yar Vice President: M. Siddique Anes City: Hujra Shah Muqeem Phone : 03008697257 Email : awamipress786@gmail.com   Dera Press Club D I Khan President : Ramzan Seemab Secretary General : Iqbal Bhatti Vice President : Imran Hafeez City : Dera Ismail Khan Phone : 0966718899 Email : derapressculb@gmail.com   District Press Club, Chiniot President: Ch. Sarwar Secretary General: Dir Riaz Shahid Vice President: Aurang Zeb Malik City: Chiniot Phone: 923056992317 Email: gmcomputers.cht@gmail.com   District Press Club, Mardan President: Muhammad Zaman Adil Secretary General: Akhunzada Abid Ali Vice President: Abdul Awal Zia City: Mardan Phone: 0313-7771474, 0301-8180738 Email: bakhshali1@gmail.com   Ghazi Press Club President : City : Dera Ghazi Khan Phone : +923366722227 Email : juanidmalik000@gmail.com   Gohar Press Club, Manga Mandi President: Faryad Afzal Rana Secretary General: Abid Bhatti Vice President: Imtiaz Hussain City: Manga Mandi Phone : 0333-4957513 Email : gohar786192@yahoo.com   Gojra Press Club President: Abdul Latif Sahu Secretary General: Malik Amjad Islam Amjad Vice President: Rana Muhammad Iqbal Janbaz City: Gojra Phone: 03006554864,03143018281 Email: amjadgojra@hotmail.com   jalalpursobtian press club District Gujrat President : Dr Muhammad Zia ul haq Secretary General : Raja Arshad Vice President : [...]
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Premium WordPress Themes and Top Quality WordPress templates

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Attack on Journalist Starts Battle in Pakistani Press

Attack on Journalist Begins Fight in Pakistani Media

Attack on Journalist Starts Battle in Pakistani Press For some time, Pakistan’s writers organized a critical reflection for their tempestuous nation and were regarded as unpleasant champions of democracy: courageous if occasionally flawed truth-tellers who helped oust the military leader Gen. Pervez Musharraf. But a bad weapon attack last weekend on Hamid Mir, the country’s most well-known television newscaster, seemingly have changed anything, leaving a divisive media battle where the reality itself is becoming bitterly contested.At issue are statements broadcast by Geo Information, Mr. Mir’s company and also the biggest place, the military’s powerful spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence directorate, was behind the April 19 assault by which Mr. Mir was shot six times as he moved to some Karachi television business. Even staunch ISI experts believed the station’s personalized problems, which designated the ISI spy key because the offender, were premature and hasty, particularly at the same time when Islamist militants were also targeting journalists. But competing channels got the debate a step further, utilizing it to cudgel Geo and question Mr. Mir’s reasons — one-station also suggested he designed the firing like a publicity stunt — at the same time if the ISI was officially attempting to have Geo turn off permanently. The vituperative exchanges have subjected unpleasant areas of Pakistan’s oft-praised marketing revolution: Combined with The military’s serious campaign to muzzle the media may be the heavy hand of querulous press barons who, influenced [...]
World Press Tribute to Gabriel Garcia

World & Global Press Tribute to Gabriel Garcia Marquez

World Press Tribute to Gabriel Garcia World of literature mourns the death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The death of Nobel prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez at the age of 87 has attracted world attention and international tributes.Regarded as one of the greatest writers in the Spanish-language, he was best known for his masterpiece, “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. His books were read by everyone from presidents to youngsters and with his unique blend of magic and realism they became popular around the world. President Obama said the world had lost “one of its greatest visionary writers” while former US President Bill Clinton called him “a man with a unique gift of imagination and emotional honesty”. Among his other works were “Love in the Time of Cholera” and “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”. The Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, a one-time friend but after a punch outside a cinema they started one of literatures most talked-about feuds, said: “A great writer had died, whose work gave great diffusion and prestige to the literature of the Spanish language. His novels will survive him and will continue to win over readers everywhere.”Colombian by birth he was last seen in public on his birthday at his home in Mexico. He died there after several years of ill health. Statement by the President on the Passing of Nobel Laureate Gabriel García Marquez: The White House Office of the Press Secretary With the passing of Gabriel García Márquez, the world has lost one of its greatest visionary writers – and one of my favorites from the time [...]
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International Women’s Day 2014: Global Press and Google doodle video celebration

International Women’s Day 2014: Global Press and Google doodle video celebration Google has marked International Women’s Day by having an animated doodle celebrating women from around the globe, Global Press is also celebrating International Women’s Day with Google & Bing in all the press clubs of the world.International Women ‘s Day 2014 has got the concept ‘inspiring change’ and celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women, while focusing world attention on areas that still need further action. Google’s doodle marks your day by showing more than 100 women from all corners of the world in 80-second movie. A few of the women featured include prominent figures such as for instance Malala Yousafzai and – bizarrely – children’s character Dora the Explorer, who all say “happy International Women’s Day” in a variety of languages. The movie, created by footage submitted, also features songs by Belgian group Zap Mama. The Venus image is shown by the doodle in Google’s brand colors and uses the video to “give a glimpse of what some women around the globe are doing”, Ryan Germick, Google doodle’s group leader told The Telegraph. “International Women’s Day is just a very hard subject,” he explained. “how will you summarize what women represent in an image?” Google Doodles “A 20-part DVD would not have scratched the top. We decided using the doodle structure we can possibly perform a fun movie.” The very first International [...]
Global Press proudly publishing exclusive interview with EU’s Counter-terrorism Co-ordinator, Belgian, Gilles de Kerchove.

Risk Level of terrorist attack in Europe is yet ‘serious’, warns EU security chief

Global Press proudly publishing exclusive interview with EU’s Counter-terrorism Co-ordinator, Belgian, Gilles de Kerchove. Risk of terrorist attack in Europe however ‘serious’, warns EU security chiefNew York’s 9/11/2001, Madrid’s 11/3/2004, London’s 7/7/2005: they’re dates that reside in infamy…terrorism attacks that defined a decade. New York, Madrid, London substantially changed security policy across Europe. And an international response was required by international terrorism. Since June 2002 Europe has wrestled with the risk – determining what constitutes terrorism, in-fighting it participating, developing concrete actions such as the European arrest warrant. This last effort meant that in summer time of 2005, while their research was being pieced together by British authorities in to the 7/7 episodes, their Italian counterparts can easily give a suspect caught on Italian soil. The Madrid attacks in March 2004 brought the European Council to maneuver towards a typical approach on terrorism, creating the post of Counter-terrorism Coordinator to orchestrate cooperation. The person they chose for that work was Dutchman Gijs de Vries. Their job: to aid national actions to safeguard people, property and vital infrastructure from attack and to research and prevent terrorism.To that particular end, the European Union launched passports carrying biometric data. The owner is determined through physical features such as for instance finger prints or iris scans – producing cheating these passports no simple matter. Brussels managed to get harder for individuals [...]
Russian ambassador for the EU Vladimir Chizhov with Global Press

Exclusive Interview of Russian ambassador for the EU Vladimir Chizhov with Global Press

Exclusive Interview of Russian ambassador for the EU Vladimir Chizhov with Global Press in which You will get clear indications about Russia’s policy over Ukraine Crisis Global Press talked to Russia’s ambassador for the EU Vladimir ChizhovGlobal Press: “Your excellency, what’s happening in the two airports in Crimea where apparently your soldiers are now being positioned?”Russian ambassador for the EU Vladimir Chizhov: “There are no troops whatsoever. No Russian soldiers, at-least. The airport terminal of Simferopol is working normally. The military airport of Belbek is most likely also working normally. Some civilians claiming to be representing categories of ‘self-protection of Crimea’ reached Simferopol airport immediately, however they retreated and nothing happened.” Global Press: “Why do they feel they’ve to protect the airport?” Vladimir Chizhov: “Well, they’ve noticed that which was happening in Kiev and elsewhere. They’ve been reading risks that so-called ‘friendship trains’ laden with armed supporters of Kiev Maidan were on the method to the Crimea.” Global Press: “The environment is becoming more and more tense with John Kerry, the united states Secretary of State, asking Russia not to intervene, not to interfere, not to occupy…” Vladimir Chizhov: “The Usa has got the custom of sending soldiers overseas and interfering in other countries, maybe [they’re] operating based on their very own mentality.” Global Press: “Do you are feeling threatened?” Vladimir Chizhov: “We are truly taking [...]
Turkey writers protest about press censorship

Turkey writers protest about press censorship

Turkey writers protest about press censorship In Turkey, around 200 journalists protested against censorship and government strain on the press. Once they chanted “AK Occasion get both hands off the media” several known the ruling party.Last week, tracks were released on the web purportedly of Turkish Television professionals sacking journalists under government pressure and adjusting a viewpoint poll. Correspondent Hilmi Hacaloglu described: “The government is attempting to manage the press using the employers or even the writers near to them. Writers say we gathered within the standard media area and they’ve had enough. The demonstrators marched towards the Istanbul Governor’s Workplace. Correspondent Çigdem Anad read a report calling to a finish to strain on the press: the writers are being squeezed by “The censorship. Car, censorship and stress censorship is using the press. The prime minister is interfering with live reports and also subtitles.” The protests have reignited a debate about limits on media freedom, something the EU candidate country is extremely acquainted with.
Facebook instant gratification ‘not healthy’

Facebook instant gratification ‘not healthy’

Facebook instant gratification ‘not healthy’ Your Facebook Status updates position you, what you say there, has a tendency to determine the type of person you’re. From narcissists to loners… with increased than 1.2 billion people utilizing it, psychotherapists find ample opportunity for research, to learn what people want and what responses they aspire to get.State jealousy: “On my way home… whistled at, honked at, nearly caused an automobile accident. Sometimes I really hate guys.” Or even more enigmatic attention getting: “This might be a very essential day.” Difficult to say if some posts are features, competitive or simply telling: “First the gym, then study.” Better picture projection comes with: “I sympathies with the Egyptians fighting due to their independence. Everyone has got them to be free.” Behaviorists state Facebook displays requirement for identification. Lucy Beresford, UK-based psychotherapist: “It colludes with this strong wish to be confirmed, to possess plenty of positive report.  I’m thinking of the punches, I’m thinking of the likes. We almost do things to have that instant-gratification, especially to publish them on Facebook and then to have that feedback, and that’s not healthy.” To mark its twenty-year existence, the website provides a “Look Back” movie created using around 20 of the user’s most-preferred etc, set-to music and pictures. Karen North, Professor of social networking, University of Southern California: “Facebook now’s your address book and your photo-gallery. If you like it to [...]
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Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has chose to increase its war by announcing the country’s press as “party” for the struggleThe fatwa was issued in reaction to a question posted for the TTP’s spiritual panel by its former chief spokesman, Ehsanullah Ehsan (above left) KUNAR: After killing tens and thousands of people of numerous state organs, in addition to others, the chaotic Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has chose to increase its war by announcing the media as “party” for the conflict. For the very first time since its beginning in 2005, the banned militant outfit hasn’t only issued a fatwa from the media but has also organized a media hit-list — a copy which can be obtained with Birth. The 29-page fatwa accuses the press of siding with the “disbelievers”, against Muslims, within the “war on Islam” and inciting people against “the mujahideen” through propaganda in addition to of propagating promiscuity and secularism. The fatwa identifies three main categories for writers: “Sa’ee bil fasad.”,” “muqatil” and “murjif “Murjif is somebody who partcipates in propaganda against Muslims throughout a battle between Islam and disbelief,” describes Sheikh Khalid Haqqani, deputy chief of the TTP and among the primary authors of the fatwa. “Muqatil is someone who encourages disbelievers and their partners to do something against Muslims as the third group includes those who corrupt Muslim culture through various means such as for instance changing the Islamic philosophy with high-end ideologies.” “The press has constantly been [...]