Israel is defying the world by "sabotaging" Peace - South African President Jacob Zuma

Israel is defying the world by “sabotaging” Peace – South African President Jacob Zuma

PRETORIA: Israel is defying the world by “sabotaging” prospects for a two state solution through its settlements policy, South African President Jacob Zuma said on Wednesday as he welcomed visiting Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas. “The truth is the fact that the overwhelming majority in the world agrees with the position of two states living side by side in peace, but we’ve a problem of a state that is defying all of that,” said Zuma. “We reiterate our call for the absolute cessation of all settlement activities,” he told a joint news conference with Abbas. Criticising the way the United Nations works, he added: “I do not believe the system should let that one nation can defy the world.” South Africa had appointed two special envoys for the task and was prepared to assist with discussions between the Palestinians and Israel, Zuma added.Abbas said the Palestinians sought to profit from South Africa’s “successful experiences” in developing an independent state. “The Palestinians are the last nation in the world that’s still living under occupation,” Abbas said. Zuma’s ruling African National Congress is a firm supporter of the Palestinian cause, with politicians regularly comparing Israel to the former racist apartheid state in South Africa. The white minority government had cooperative relationships with Israel, but when Nelson Mandela was elected first democratic president in 1994, he pledged to support Palestine, saying: “South Africa’s freedom is incomplete without [...]
Bilawal invites Malala to join hands for Sindh education cause

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari congratulated Malala Yousafzai over phone

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari congratulated Malala Yousafzai KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday congratulated Malala Yousafzai over phone on winning the famous Nobel Peace Prize and asked her to work well with him for change of training program in Sindh.The teenager education rights campaigner had committed her Nobel peace prize to “voiceless” kids all over the world on Friday after earning the exclusive international prize. Malala moved to Britain for treatment after being shot in October 2012, an effort to stop her oral advocacy of the best of women to visit school within the mind with a Taliban fighter. Kailash Satyarthi win Nobel Peace Prize, Malala Yousafzai Bilawal stated that knowledge was the very best software to eliminate extremism in the culture and Malala might perform a critical role within this value like a torch bearer. The PPP leader said Malala has provided him as well as the whole nation aspire and she’s the style of ‘real youth’ of Pakistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. “This daughter of Pakistan may be the ambassador of our nation & peace,” he concluded.
Christians and Muslims working together for peace in Africa

Christians and Muslims working together for peace in Africa

Christians and Muslims in Bangui working together for peace In Bangui, the administrative centre of the Central African Republic, and especially within the area referred to as PK5, the existence of French soldiers still rankles. They’re charged by many for not intervening to avoid revenge attacks between Muslim and Christian communities.Amid violence and the stress a project organized by the International Organisation for Migration is underway aimed at making reconciliation between both teams. They’re clearing up for peace. “The IOM launched this clearing up project 8 weeks ago. Since you may still find both Christians and Muslims residing in the 3rd area, its first goal and It’s very intensive work is to bring people together, so we are able to achieve social cohesion,” described IOM manager Mecson Wadaye.The company has around 100 young adults in the combined religious organizations formed into cleanup teams in PK5. It’s, says the IOM been so successful the areas wish to follow suit. However in many areas of the impoverished nation murders between Muslims and Christians have continued. An 800-strong European Power will release while last week the UN Security Council voted to send 12,000 soldiers towards the nation the following month.
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Pakistani Taliban declares ceasefire to regenerate peace talks

Pakistani Taliban declares ceasefire to regenerate peace talks The Pakistani Taliban on Saturday declared a-one-month cease-fire targeted at restoring peace talks after receiving what it said were government guarantees it’d not be infected.Speculation has mounted the Pakistani army is preparing an offensive from the insurgents after discussions between your militants and government broke down. “The senior management of the Taliban recommends all subgroups follow it and to regard the Taliban’s require a cease-fire and totally avoid all jihadi activities within this period of time,” spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said in a statement. Peace talks between your Pakistani government and Taliban insurgents began on Feb. 6 but broke down after insurgents said 23 males were performed by them from the government paramilitary force in revenge for the killing of the competitors by army forces. Senior Taliban officials told Reuters that the cease-fire was declared by them after getting assurances in the civilian government that they’d not be infected. “Senior authorities of the federal government assured us the government and its law enforcement agencies wouldn’t take any action against our people in the united states,” a senior Taliban commander said. “You may claim we made it happen later.” and cease-fire was first declared by the federal government He declined to express who within the government created the promise. Authorities didn’t return calls seeking confirmation.
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Russia provides guarantees on Syrian chemical-weapons elimination

Russia provides guarantees on Syrian chemical-weapons elimination Russia has stated that the Syrian government wills this month vessel abroad a sizable tranche of its chemical-weapons to be destroyed.Moscow has additionally stated that Damascus will attend a brand new round of peace talks next week. The Russian guarantees are now being regarded as an effort to help ease Western concerns about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s commitment to leaving his chemical arsenal – following the treatment procedure fell behind schedule.The Russian government has located Ahmed Jarba, chief of the National Coalition for Revolutionary Forces and Syrian Resistance. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said throughout an ending up in Jarba “We need our European and American partners, the countries in the area, to find the same strategy. We’re convinced they ought to use all sides in the Syrian conflict without exception – I mean obviously political sides, and not terrorist groups.” Despite international efforts to create together Syria’s warring sides, violence continues to rage. Movies submitted to the Web by anti-Assad activists claim to exhibit the aftermath of barrel bomb attacks within the city of Aleppo. Citizens are visible looking through the rubble of destroyed houses, considered within the area of Hanano.
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Syria delegations meet face to face in UNO

Syria delegations meet face-to-face Delegations from both sides of the conflict have met face-to-face for the very first time, in the UN headquarters in Geneva. Neither side really spoke in the conference, which lasted around 30 minutes.Instead, UN Mediator, Lakhdar Brahimi spoke to both sides. The delegations came and left the conference place by separate doors. Faisal al-Mikdad, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister stated: “We are supplied, by President Assad’s workplace, with directions to subscribe to the success of the conference and to construct the continuing future of Syria in ways that’ll fulfill the Syrian people.” The conference has been hailed as a little but important step forwards. Both delegations are required to generally meet again later in your day. Anas al-Abdah, Person in Resistance Delegation, said: “It wasn’t simple for us to sit down together with the delegation that represents the murders in Damascus. It’s not time for you to concentrate on little issues, we need certainly to take into account the big-picture and we’ve a genuine disaster occurring in Syria.” Expectations be seemingly pinned on discussing means of providing humanitarian help the civilian population of Syria, particularly for the population of Homs, that will be currently trapped by government soldiers and stop.
The EU will invest 90 million euros on efforts to prevent the violence in the Central African Republic.

The EU will invest 90 million euros on efforts to prevent the violence in the Central African Republic

The EU will invest 90 million euros on efforts to prevent the violence in the Central African Republic. Over 1,000 everyone was killed in the administrative centre Bangui last month.However, it’ll take at-least per month to sort out which member countries are gettingvolved in the mission. The UNITED KINGDOM and Italy have said they’ll not be sending troops. “Our primary issues is just a nation that’s never had inter-religious hatred, now face a scenario where christians are killing muslims, muslims are killing christians. A genie has emerge of the container we have to set it back,” EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid Kristalina Georgieva informed global Press. Speaking from beyond your meeting of donors, global Press reporter Audrey Tilve said: “A phrase that frequently pops up this is actually the requirement for the EU to have overall method of the situation, focusing on all fronts – protection, humanitarian assistance, reconstruction and reconciliation That’s is excatly why a meeting of financial donors occured in parallel to 1 with EU foreign ministers.” Describing the way the money will be invested, Nancy Lindborg of the U.S. Agency for International Development said: “These resources will be for an entire variety of humanitarian immediate needs, food, health care, safety. We’re particularly worried about children and women who are weak in this disaster.