Israel is defying the world by "sabotaging" Peace - South African President Jacob Zuma

Israel is defying the world by “sabotaging” Peace – South African President Jacob Zuma

PRETORIA: Israel is defying the world by “sabotaging” prospects for a two state solution through its settlements policy, South African President Jacob Zuma said on Wednesday as he welcomed visiting Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas. “The truth is the fact that the overwhelming majority in the world agrees with the position of two states living side by side in peace, but we’ve a problem of a state that is defying all of that,” said Zuma. “We reiterate our call for the absolute cessation of all settlement activities,” he told a joint news conference with Abbas. Criticising the way the United Nations works, he added: “I do not believe the system should let that one nation can defy the world.” South Africa had appointed two special envoys for the task and was prepared to assist with discussions between the Palestinians and Israel, Zuma added.Abbas said the Palestinians sought to profit from South Africa’s “successful experiences” in developing an independent state. “The Palestinians are the last nation in the world that’s still living under occupation,” Abbas said. Zuma’s ruling African National Congress is a firm supporter of the Palestinian cause, with politicians regularly comparing Israel to the former racist apartheid state in South Africa. The white minority government had cooperative relationships with Israel, but when Nelson Mandela was elected first democratic president in 1994, he pledged to support Palestine, saying: “South Africa’s freedom is incomplete without [...]
U.S. offers $5 million for Chinese businessman accused of Iran dealings

US offers $5 million for Chinese businessman accused of Iran nuke deals

U.S. offers $5 million for Chinese businessman accused of Iran dealings America offered a reward as high as $5 million on Tuesday to get a Chinese businessman accused of providing missile components to Iran, and specific companies from Dubai and China for allegedly supporting Iran avert oil sanctions and weapons. In a sign Washington could keep pressure on Iran over its nuclear program, the U.S. Treasury Department said it had been sanctioning ten of Chinese businessman Li Fangweiis Chinese firms for allegedly obtaining rocket components for Iran.The U.S. State Department said it had been giving a reward as high as $5 million for information leading to the charge and/or sentence of Li, who’s also called Karl Lee. Li has been the goal of U.S. sanctions previously for his alleged role as a principle supplier to Iran’s ballistic missile system. The State Department said the statement of the bounty for Li was matched with the Justice Department, which unsealed an indictment against him on charges including conspiracy to commit wire fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering as well as Treasury. “Based On The Indictment, he (Li) handles a sizable network of top companies and presumably uses this community to go thousands of dollars through U.S.-based banking institutions to conduct business in violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators Sanctions Regulations, which prohibit these financial transactions,” the State Department said in a statement. Treasury also said it had been targeting [...]
Mahmoud Abbas calls Holocaust most heinous crime against humanity

Mahmoud Abbas calls Holocaust most heinous crime against humanity

Abbas calls Holocaust most heinous crime against humanity Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas called the Nazi Holocaust “probably the most heinous crime” against mankind today, within an apparent bid to create links with Israel days after struggling peace talks collapsed. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the overture on Sunday, saying Abbas’s Palestinian power-sharing deal with Hamas, which brought Israel to suspend the talks on Thursday, placed him in relationship having an Islamist party that denies the Holocaust and tries the Jewish state’s destruction.“What I tell him quite simply is this: President Abbas, tear-up your pact with Hamas,” Netanyahu said about the CBS news program Face the Country. Abbas’s information, printed in English and Arabic from the official Palestinian news agency WAFA, involved a manifestation of concern for the groups of the patients, and coincided with Israel’s annual memorial day for that 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust. “What happened to the Jews inside the Holocaust may be the most heinous crime to have happened against humanity within the modern period,” WAFA quoted Abbas as saying in a conference a week before having an American rabbi. By talking in superlative terms, Abbas might risk a backlash from Palestinians who draw comparisons between their suffering in the hands of Israeli occupiers which of Jews under Hitler’s Third Reich. Abbas has condemned the mass murders of Jews in World War Two before and questioned accusations, arising from the 1983 book he published, [...]
U.S,disappointed,Palestinian unity deal,Palestinian, unity,israel, deal

Israel suspends peace talks just because of Palestinian unity bid

Israel suspends peace talks after Palestinian unity bid U.S.-backed peace talks with the Palestinians in reaction to President Mahmoud Abbasis sudden unity pact with the rival Islamist Hamas party was suspended by Israel on Thursday. The discussions had seemed to be going nowhere even before Wednesday’s reconciliation agreement between the Palestinian organizations plunged them deeper into crisis. America have been fighting to increase the discussions beyond an authentic April 29 deadline to get a peace agreement.“The government of Israel won’t hold discussions with a Palestinian government that’s supported by Hamas, a terror organization that requires Israel’s destruction,” the official statement said following a six-hour meeting of the safety case. Asked to explain whether that meant the discussions were now frozen or could be called off just following an unity government was established, a senior Israeli official said: “They’re currently stopped.” In Washington, an U.S. official said America would need to rethink its help Abbas’s aid-dependent Palestinian Authority when the Western-backed Hamas and head established a government. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry expressed his frustration in the reconciliation statement and spoke by phone with Abbas on Thursday. Kerry stressed that any Palestinian government must follow the principles of nonviolence, recognition of their state of Israel, and approval of commitments and prior contracts, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. Kerry, who has shuttled repeatedly [...]
America 'disappointed' by Palestinian unity deal

America ‘disappointed’ by Palestinian unity deal

U.S. says ‘disappointed’ by Palestinian unity deal America said on Wednesday it had been disappointed with an unity pact agreed to between the Gaza-based Islamist group Hamas and President Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestine Liberation Organization and included it might make peace initiatives difficult. “we were truly disappointed in the statement, and The time was unpleasant,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told a regular media briefing.“this may significantly complicate our efforts – not only our efforts however the efforts of the parties to increase their discussions.” The leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives appropriations subcommittee that oversees international stated the Palestinians’ contract with Hamas might risk funds they receive in the U.S. government. America, Israel and the European Union view Hamas as being a terrorist organization, Washington sends about $500 million towards the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority every year. Disappointed users of the U.S. Congress, that are generally strong supporters of Israel, stated that money might be stop.“Not only does this course of action potentially destroy any hope of the peace settlement between the Palestinians and Israel, it puts in jeopardy potential U.S. help the Palestinian Authority,” Republican U.S. Representative Kay Granger, the subcommittee chairwoman, said in a statement. Psaki said U.S. officials had expressed their concerns towards the Palestinians. “Itis difficult to observe Israel could be anticipated to discuss with a [...]
Israel Israeli security forces and police in Jerusalem

U.N. peace envoy criticizes Israeli Easter security in Jerusalem

Israeli police refused to let the U.N.’s peace envoy to the Middle East, other diplomats and a crowd of Palestinians pass through a barricade to attend a pre-Easter ritual in the Jerusalem church that Christians revere as the burial site of Jesus, the U.N. official said on Saturday. The incident, following two days of violence at a separate holy site known as a flashpoint for Jews and Muslims, underscored rising tensions in the politically charged city ahead of Pope Francis’s Holy Land visit next month.Israel dismissed the U.N. complaint, calling it an attempt to inflate a “micro-incident” and saying police at the barricade keep people back as a crowd-control measure while there was no reported violence among the tens of thousands of Christians who thronged to the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem’s old walled city to witness the “Holy Fire” ritual. Holy Fire is a traditional Orthodox Christian ceremony at which worshippers believe a miraculous fire appears at the site identified as Jesus’s tomb every year on the day before Easter. Robert Serry, the United Nation’s peace envoy to the Middle East, said in a statement Israeli security officers had stopped a group of Palestinian worshippers and diplomats in a procession near the church, “claiming they had orders to that effect”. Serry added in separate remarks to Reuters he had waited with Italian, Norwegian and Dutch diplomats for up to a half hour, crushed by a crowd against a barricade, while Israeli officers ignored his appeals to speak with a superior. “It [...]
Iran says it watered down, converted over 200 kg of enriched uranium

Iran says 200 kg enriched uranium is watered down under Geneva deal

Iran says it watered down, converted over 200 kg of enriched uranium Iran said on Saturday it’d finished watering down and transforming over 200 kilograms (440 lb) of enriched uranium under a deal reached in Geneva last November with world powers over its disputed nuclear program. “on the basis of the contract together with the West, we were likely to have 50% of our 200 kg inventory of uranium diluted as well as the partner transformed into uranium oxide,” Iran’s nuclear chief, Ali Akbar Salehi, told the Arabic-language Al Alam television station.The International Atomic Energy Agency said on Thursday that Iran has acted to reduce its most vulnerable nuclear stockpile by nearly 75 percent in implementing a landmark pact with world powers, but a well planned service it’ll have to satisfy the six-month offer has been delayed. Salehi, who heads the nation’s nuclear energy company, said the quick procedure for uranium conversion was likely to facilitate the release of frozen Iranian assets within the West. Underneath the development deal that took effect on January 20, Iran stopped some facets of its nuclear program in exchange for a small easing of international sanctions which have laid low the major oil manufacturer’s economy. If it conforms with all the temporary deal, Iran will receive a total of $4.2 billion in profits long freezing runs, in ten instalments within the January-July period. Including Japan’s latest funds, it’s received $2.55 billion. South Korea, another importer of Iranian gas, has made one payment. Salehi [...]
Israel launches spy satellite to boost information gathering on Iran

Spy Satellite Launched by Israel

Israel Launches New Spy Satellite Israel launches spy satellite to enhance information-gathering on Iran. A military spy satellite has jumped to the atmosphere from an Israeli air force test selection.Defense officials have said before it’s targeted at improving the country’s intelligence gathering functions within the face of Iran’s nuclear program. It’s stated it’ll also spy on Iranian support for militant groups in neighbouring Arab countries.It’s the tenth these satellite sent into orbit by Israel. The final one premiered four years back. (JERUSALEM) — Israel’s Defense Ministry said on Thursday that it’s successfully introduced a brand new observation satellite into orbit, the one that is likely to be utilized to see Iran and aggressive militant groups within the Middle East. Based on the statement, the Israeli-built “Ofek 10? satellite was launched late Wednesday in cooperation with state-owned Israel Aerospace Sectors. The satellite has begun sending graphic content and information. It’s likely to be working within weeks. Israel is likely to make use of the satellite to monitor the area as well as Iran. It thinks Iran is attempting to build up a nuclear weapon — a charge Iran denies — and accuses it of arming militants over the area. The Ofek 10 will be the latest in a type of spy satellites built by Israel Aerospace Companies for the federal government. It’s a lightweight satellite that’s likely to enhance Israel’s reconnaissance capabilities by giving sharp images anytime of day, as well as in any weather [...]
The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust announced nearly $22 million in new scholarships to four Israeli organizations

Helmsley Trust provides $22 million to Israeli organizations

Helmsley Trust gives $22 million to Israeli institutions The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust announced nearly $22 million in new scholarships to four Israeli organizations.The four scholarships are now being awarded to Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, Barzilai Hospital, Haifa University and Magen David Adom. Increase Israel’s ecological study of the Mediterranean seabed, the awards are meant to reinforce and protect services in case of natural disasters or regional conflict and provide scholarships for disadvantaged troops to pursue advanced schooling, based on the trust. The New York-based trust, which contains significantly more than $4 billion in assets and began giving scholarships to Israel last year, has dedicated over $110 million to date to numerous organizations within the Jewish state. Additionally, it funds a variety of education, healthcare and environmental initiatives within the Usa. “These awards demonstrate our basic philanthropic strategy toward Israel,” said Helmsley trustee Sandor Frankel in a statement. “They will reinforce Israel’s technical, scientific and medical research, which will benefit not just Israel, however the remaining world as well.” The Helmsleys received their fortune in the actual estate and hotel companies.
Deeply healthy Medical Centre is most important hospital builds by the Israel yet

Deeply healthy – Israel develops first emergency underground hospital

Deeply healthy is an emergency underground hospital which is Seriously balanced Medical Centre in the northern Israeli city of Haifa. Deeply healthy Medical Centre is most important hospital builds by the Israel yet.The Rambam Medical Centre in the northern Israeli city of Haifa may be the world’s first underground prepared emergency clinic. Created To withstand rockets and missiles in case of an attack, it may fit as much as 2,000 beds. In peace-time, however, a much more ordinary urban issue, providing 1,500 much-needed parking spaces is solved by the underground service. A routine was completed in March to undertake for problem scenarios. “Obviously to place an underground hospital or something such as this, it’s a waste of location and plenty of resources, therefore it was chose to develop something that was also really needed in a hospital, a parking lot, a flexible parking lot that in case there is emergency changes in to the greatest underground hospital on the planet,” described Michael Halberthal, deputy director of the Rambam Healthcare Campus. Hospital officials say they require 72 hours to show the vehicle park right into a fully-functional medical service, which may contain all of the wards of the normal hospital. Impromptu operating theatres and fake wounded individuals were also area of the exercise. “It’s extremely important to truly have a place such as this because people can get treatment without anxiety about bombardments or coming under-fire. It creates people feel that they’re in good hands, when they get treatment in a location that’s [...]