If offenders can run the nation - Why can't Amir play cricket ! Imran Khan

If offenders can run the nation – Why can’t Amir play cricket ! Imran Khan

If offenders can run the nation – Why can’t Amir play cricket ! Imran Khan KARACHI: Celebrated Pakistan all rounder Imran Khan said he backs convicted area-fixer Mohammad Amir’s return to international cricket, encouraging skeptical players and supporters to support the tainted paceman. The 23-year-old Amir, who finished his five-year prohibition before this year, caused a stir last week when he turned up for fitness camp for future national players, with former Twenty20 captain Mohammad Hafeez and present one-day captain Azhar Ali boycotting training Friday. Left-armer Amir is tipped to be picked for next month’s limited overs tour of New Zealand, nearly six years after he and two others were prohibited and sentenced for six months in jail for organizing willful no balls during a Test against England in exchange for cash.Khan, who led Pakistan to its only World Cup triumph and is revered among the nations cricketing fraternity, said Amir had pled guilty before a court and deserved another chance. A 19-year-old [Amir was really 18 at the time] lad commits a blunder and then didn’t lie in the court, admits his guilt and finishes his punishment. He should play again, Khan said during an interview on news station ARY. He’s apologised to everyone, so I appeal to all people that are opposing his return to halt their moves against him, he included. Khan, a former Pakistan captain turned opposition party leader, didn’t overlook a chance to swing a punch at Pakistan’s leaders in the interview. Offenders are running the state; therefore, [...]

Imran Khan’s Exclusive Interview with Global Press

Imran Khan says talks with Taliban would be the only means to fix insurgency Amid tribal,religious and racial tensions, the security situation in Pakistan remain as unstable as ever. Peace talks with the Taliban to finish an insurgency that’s cost thousands of lives have recently divided. Imran Khan, the ex-international cricketer and prominent political figure in the restive Pakhtunkhwa land in the north of the nation, has been in the forefront of efforts to locate a peaceful end for this disaster. However, his detractors say he’s soft-on the Taliban. He talked to Eliza Leon – Associate Editor – World,within the Global Conversation.She also set global Press viewers’ concerns to him, sent via social networking. Global Press: “There is a military operation from the Taliban with the end of peace efforts following the Taliban admitted they had killed 21 troops – marking an end to these peace efforts –. Would you support the military within their attacks from the Taliban?” Imran Khan: “I simply need to correct a couple of things. Number 1, if you should be pro-peace and pro-talk, that doesn’t mean you’re soft-on the Taliban because we’ve had military operations for eight-and-a-half years. And all it’s done is it’s exacerbated the problem. In one Taliban party, you’ve got 50 Taliban groups today. Therefore military operations have now been a problem for Pakistan. It’s just put into the insurgency, for the extremism.” Global Press: “So you don’t support this function right now?” Imran Khan: “I genuinely believe [...]