China pushing banks to drop IBM servers in hacking dispute

China forcing banks in hacking challenge to fall IBM servers

China pushing banks to drop IBM servers in hacking dispute China is pressuring its banks to get rid of high end machines produced by IBM IBM.N and change them having a regional manufacturer, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, as tensions rise over accusations of cyber espionage between Beijing and Washington. A spokesman for International Business Machines Corp said the U.S. engineering firm was unaware of such needs from the Chinese government.“IBM is unaware of any Chinese government policy advocating from the utilization of IBM machines inside the banking business in the nation,” said IBM spokesman Ian Colley. “IBM it has been for over 30 years and can be a reliable partner in China.” The Bloomberg survey, which reported confidential sources, comes a week following five Chinese military officials charged, blaming them of coughing American businesses to take trade secrets. China on Monday accused America of “dishonest” internet monitoring that involved large scale computer attacks from Chinese companies and the Chinese government. China has also told state-owned businesses to cut links with U.S. consulting companies, The Financial Times reported on Sunday. The Bloomberg survey said Chinese government organizations such as the People’s Bank of China CNBNK.UL as well as the Ministry of Fund are currently reviewing whether Chinese commercial banks’ dependence to the IBM machines affected the financial stability in the nation. (r.reuters.com/dyf69v) The outcomes of the evaluation is going to be presented to some working class on Web [...]
IBM China workers strike over proceed to Lenovo

IBM China workers strike over proceed to Lenovo

IBM China workers strike upon Lenovo move Significantly more than 1,000 employees at an IBM factory in south-east China are on strike.They’ve downed tools and blocked the entrance to the plant in protest within the conditions of the transfer of the jobs to Chinese computer company Lenovo.IBM is promoting its x86 low end server business to Lenovo, including the International System Technology Company service at Shenzhen, near Hong Kong. If they adjust if they decide to abandon to employed by Lenovo or higher severance packages the workers need higher pay. The conditions agreed to employees in the factory are as to the they currently are receiving “comparable in combination,” IBM spokeswoman Florence Ma said within an e mailed statement. They’ll get an “equitable severance package, if employees decide to leave,” Ma said. Lenovo declined to comment. Asian producers workers are increasingly embracing protests and factory shut-downs once they experience the terms of overseas takeovers aren’t adequate or work problems have worsened.