Afghan security force to defend Tapi gas pipeline

7,000-strong Afghan security force to defend Tapi gas pipeline

Afghan security force to defend Tapi gas pipeline KABUL: Afghanistan will raise a 7,000-member security force to safeguard the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (Tapi) gas pipeline project, Radio Pakistan reported. Afghan Mines and Petroleum Minister Daud Shah Saba told the Upper House of Parliament in the country’s the force demining the path of the pipeline and will provide security during the execution of the job. Saba said the work on the clearing of the pipeline passageway would start in April 2016 as well as procurement for demining will be complete by next month.Building on the $10 billion Tapi pipeline started before this December some 25 years following the start of the job. The pipeline will be finished by December 2019, the Turkmen president said in Ashgabat at the groundbreaking ceremony. Before this month, Turkmenistan’s President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov ordered state firms Turkmengazneftstroi and Turkmengaz to start constructing the segment of the pipeline in the remote republic.   All in all, 1,800 kilometers and is will stretch likely to cost more than $10 billion. The Tapi job could help facilitate growing energy shortages in India and Asian giants Pakistan. For Turkmenistan, which has been hit by low energy costs and reliance on China for a large proportion of its gasoline sales, Tapi is a vital chance to diversify its exports. But doubt hangs over the endeavor that is expensive. Besides the dangers related to a connection traversing war torn Afghanistan, the four-state association has yet to support the involvement of a foreign [...]
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Afghan Landslide Survivors’ Hopes Fade

Survivors’ Hopes Fade in Aftermath of Afghan Landslide ABI BARAK, Afghanistan — With desire eliminated the 2,100 people regarded as hidden with a hill of dirt below might be saved, many initiatives within this distant part of northern Afghanistan have made toward maintaining the remainder alive. Children gathered from the mass grave which was once a third of the town on Sunday, jostling for help with an open-air market of sorts. Thousands congregated around neatly stacked containers of flour, pads, gas and covers as parents shouted from makeshift systems, orchestrating the supply of the badly needed goods.But Burhanuddin had no time for that. Across the foundation of the charming area, in which a huge amount of world cleaved from almost 300 additional houses on Friday and the nearby hill cascaded onto his, he was searching. His hands were swollen and bruised, and his eyes brimmed with tears. Along with his battered shovel, he’d gouged an approximately 10-foot gap above the location where he thought his family have been interred in a sudden grave. “I know they’re all dead — my child, my two kids and my spouse,” stated Burhanuddin, 56, who passes an individual name. “I know it’s only a waste of time, but my heart doesn’t end. It keeps telling me try harder and to search more. ” Confused by the large size of the catastrophe, his neighbors stood across the fringe of the churned dirt floor, where also the scent of death have been hidden. Burhanuddin’s story provides an account of 1 of the largest natural disasters visited on Afghanistan in greater [...]
Abdullah widens lead in Afghan presidential vote

Abdullah widens lead in Afghan presidential election

Abdullah widens lead in Afghan presidential vote Though 50% of the ballots have yet to be measured, former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah’s lead-in the Afghan presidential contest has increased, the most recent official tally of ballots launched on Sunday confirmed.Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission said preliminary results depending on nearly 50 percent of the election from the complete 34 provinces showed Abdullah within the lead with 44.4 percent, followed closely by ex-world bank official Ashraf Ghani with 33.2 percent of the votes it claimed weren’t fake. “The guide we were wanting, it did not come like a shock, but maybe we were expecting a larger cause,” Abdullah told Reuters in an interview at his house in Kabul. “We’re still expecting the elections is likely to be finished within the first-round.” An applicant must secure over 50 percent of valid ballots, to acquire. Failing that, the top two candidates get into a run-down. Benefits are due on May 14, along with a run-off, if required, will occur in late May. A run-off is observed like a dangerous proposition in Afghanistan, provided safety issues, the chance of the price as well as the low turnout – the statement for that first-round was set at greater than $100 million. But Abdullah dismissed the thought of package-making to prevent another round of voting. “the thought of coalition building to be able to prevent another round isn’t about the plan, atleast we’re not planning to enter that course,” he explained. “The [...]
Afghan Youth Love Music

Afghan Youth Focus On Sport & Music

Youth in Afghanistan is focused on sports & music Almost 70 percent of Afghanistan’s population is under age 25,they assume their new leader to enhance sports & music facilities. Throughout the Taliban regime, playing sports was limited. Actually cheering was only permitted when the cheers were spiritual. Several sports arenas were employed for public executions.But things are changing for the greater. euronews talked to an ambitious 17-year-old child at Kabul’s Olympic games center who described, “I do wrestling training here. Our goal would be to advance in wrestling and win an Olympic medal to honour my country.” Euronews reporter Mustapha Carrier stated: “Despite limited services and the insufficient infrastructure, Afghan youth make an effort to strengthen themselves in activity. Many work hard to become the very best and get medals for his or her region. International aid helps support this Olympic games centre in the capital.”New Afghan leader must ‘reach a political compromise’ As vote counting got underway after Afghanistan’s presidential election, ballot boxes were sent by vehicles for the Independent Election Commission in Kabul. Political experts say the new leader ought to be prepared to “reach a political compromise.” Haroon Mir, political analyst, said: “Many applicants represent the interest of particular cultural groups and it’s for that good of Afghan people and also the nation when we’re able to achieve a political compromise within the runoff between the top two competitors, that’ll be a better outcome.” A [...]

America said by Afghan prisoner release “deeply regrettable”

America said by Afghan prisoner release “deeply regrettable” 65 Afghan prisoner have been launched by the Afghan government from Bagram prison, which Kabul today controls, regardless of the USA notice the guys present a safety risk.Another 23 are in mind for release. The move will probably further strain relations with Washington. “They’ve been obtained from the jail, keeping their clothes within their hands. They received directions and some money from the cleric, and then they all went home,” said an Afghan soldier in the prison. The United States embassy released a statement on its website, calling the release “deeply regrettable”, and caution the Afghan government it’d result in the outcomes. As a whole the Americans think the team killed 32 US or coalition staff, and 23 Afghan soldiers and civilians. The top of the prisoner review board said he thought their release might “benefit the American nation, the Afghan nation, and the American government.” The United States hasbeen looking to get a bilateral security agreement to be signed by President Karzai to permit more US troops in which to stay the nation beyond the finish of the year, once the coalition forces take out.