Syrian opposition leader seeks tools to fight

Syrian opposition leader seeks weapons

The first choice of the Syrian National Council, an opposition party, has taken his demand hands towards the European Parliament.

Syrian opposition leader seeks weapons

Syrian opposition leader seeks weapons

Ahmed Jarba told MEPs in a hearing in Brussels that his team needed hands to fight off attacks in the Assad regime.

He was talking 3 years on from the beginning of the Syrian conflict.

As that’s not feasible “We are requesting guns, not direct military involvement. We are in need of certain tools to defeat the Syrian airforce,” stated Jarba.

“That’s what we would like so that the regime’s air forces are removed and so that things may evolve and change naturally.”

Over 146,000 individuals have died because the country’s civil war broke out in March 2011, based on the Syrian Observatory for Human-Rights.

The UN stopped updating its death toll in January, saying such information was also hard to confirm.

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