State-approved marijuana income defended by Uruguay president José Mujica

State-sanctioned marijuana sales defended by Uruguay president

Uruguay’s president has been addressing his authorities over-state-approved pot income, a transfer targeted at undermining drug trafficking in the united states.

A new regulation allows up-to six crops to become developed for personal use. Customers will have a way to purchase as much as 40 grams per month from licensed pharmacies.

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Uruguay president José Mujica

Uruguay has said it’s also considering having pot produced on the parcel managed from the military.

These are unusual techniques headed by an unusual leader – 78-year-aged former leftist guerrilla fighter José Mujica.

“What is clear is that what we’ve been performing when it comes to combatting drugs doesn’t work. You can’t attempt to modify by keep performing the same,” he explained.

Regulations approved by Congress in December makes Uruguay the very first nation on the planet to manage the growth, distribution
and use of marijuana.

Although that’s an underlying cause for party for many – about 20,000 of the 3.3 million individuals who reside in Uruguay are believed to make use of pot every single day – there’s also staunch experts athome and abroad.

One of the worries expressed is the fact that pot might provide like a portal to different, harder drugs.

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