South Korea seek arrest of ship captain

South Korean prosecutors seek arrest of Sewol ferry captain

An arrest warrant has been requested by prosecutors in South Korea for the chief of the ferry that sank on,causing thousands missing and several feared dead.

It comes as speculation mounts over whether more lives may have already been saved if an evacuation order had been given by leader Lee Joon-seok faster.

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South Korean prosecutors seek arrest of Sewol ferry captain

Currently in custody, a hooded and sheepish Joon-seok, who’s also accused of abandoning ship, was previously heard saying: ‘‘I am so sorry, I’m embarrassed. I’m at a loss for words.’‘

Information of another tragic turn-on Friday. The vice-principal of Danwon senior school, whose students are among a lot of those missing was found hanged, in what seems to be an apparent suicide.

The 52-year-old teacher blamed himself for remaining inside the host to a lot of his pupils is claimed by South Korean media.

For that people awaiting information, the truth of what’s happened for their family members and the pain is proving unbearable. Of the 475 people up to speed the Sewol ferry, almost 270 continue to be unaccounted for. Just 28 have officially been declared dead.

Brother of the lost student and one dad stated: ‘‘They have to rush to locate children but the divers aren’t going in. when they don’t find anyone today they won’t find anyone else living,’‘ he explained.

‘‘We hear the children within the vessel are desperate,’‘ said the cousin.

Search-and-rescue teams have now been moving oxygen to the ferry in a desperate bid to save those trapped children that may be alive, but climate conditions have been hampering relief efforts.

Researchers have said although the crew’s part remains a significant section of emphasis it’s too soon to determine a reason for that incident.

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