South Korea ferry captain arrested

South Korea ferry captain detained now

The chief of the ferry that sank in South Korea on Wednesday continues to be caught, the country’s Yonhap news agency says.

Countless guests continue to be missing, most are feared dead.

South Korea ferry captain arrested

South Korea ferry captain arrested

Shot after being saved in the ship early, Captain Lee Joon-seok faces several charges including neglect of duty and violation of maritime law.

Researchers claim the 69-year-old wasn’t about the link once the ferry began to listing dramatically, indicating a senior officer was in the wheel.

The order to leave its subsequent handling and the vessel also remain a significant focus of inquiry.

Among the Ferry’s team members, Park Kyoung-nam, said: “The purchase (in the chief to leave the ferry) couldn’t be communicated for the guests. However the purchase was made. What’s introduced through the speakers within the captain’s cottage can’t really be noticed within the wheelhouse simply because they have different microphone systems.”

For people remaining in Jindo Island, dreams of finding family members alive are fading fast. 274 guests, mostly younger teens, continue to be missing. Only 29 people have legally been declared dead. That number also contains the vice-principle of the college where most of the unaccounted pupils are from. He was found dead on Friday after apparently committing suicide.

A key search-and-rescue operation is continuing with oxygen being pumped to the boat to assist those trapped inside. Cranes have appeared to try and move the ferry, that is no more above water.

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