Snowden’s Girlfriend is Living in Russia With Him

Edward Snowden Provides 1st meeting in Russia

Snowden’s longtime partner has been residing in Russia, unlike the fact that she was abandoned by the NSA leaker.

National Security Agency leaker E Snowden is coping with his partner in Russia, it’s exposed by filmmaker Laura Poitras that premiered Friday in the New York Film Festival in a documentary.

Snowden’s partner of ten years, Lindsay Mills, has been coping with Snowden for a while, based on the film. Poitras shot Snowden and Mills cooking supper together in July entitled Citizenfour, for that documentary, based on the Hollywood Reporter. The thought of Mills’ living in Russia displays the commonly-held notion that she was abandoned by Snowden as he released troves of classified intelligence documents exposing the existence of huge secret monitoring applications on American people.

Snowden’s Girlfriend is Living in Russia With Him

Snowden’s Girlfriend is Living in Russia With Him

“The fact he has become residing in domestic happiness too, together with his long term partner whom he loves, must permanently place to sleep the ridiculous strategy to illustrate his life as harsh and dank,” published Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who along side Poitras helped release the Snowden facts.

Snowden has eschewed talking about his private life, and no interviews have been given by Mills.

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