Russia’s President Vladimir Putin says Ukraine gas payments situation ‘critical’

Putin says Ukraine gas payments situation ‘critical’

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has educated many European leaders concerning the “critical situation” over Ukraine’s gas debt and of a possible effect on the transportation of gas to Europe, Russian news agencies reported.

“extreme worry was indicated by Putin concerning the circumstance surrounding Ukraine’s fuel obligations and… products of gasoline towards the European Union,” state-run Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov was reported by RIA, as saying.

Putin says Ukraine gas payments situation ‘critical’

Putin says Ukraine gas payments situation ‘critical’

In a letter to European leaders, Putin stated the issue should be resolved rapidly.

State-controlled gas company Gazprom stopped moving gas to Ukraine during cost conflicts within the winters of 2005-2006 and 2008-2009, resulting in reduced materials in European nations that receive Russian gas via pipelines that cross Ukraine.

That came 1 day after Putin claimed Gazprom might ask Ukraine to cover the fuel it gets in advance – but won’t do this yet.

In a conference with government ministers on Wednesday, Putin said it’s the best to request progress payments under a 2009 agreement between Russia and Ukraine before that occurs but you will see further discussions.

“Taking into consideration the complicated situation in Ukraine and also the undeniable fact that we’ve not yet completed discussions with all the European Union, I’m wondering Gazprom as well as the government to keep down about the chance [of requesting progress payments] under the conditions of this agreement until additional services occur,” Putin said.

Earlier Ukraine’s power minister had declared before problem is resolved the nation may briefly stop getting Russian gas.

Gazprom increased the cost of fuel for Ukraine by 80-percent following the ousting of Moscow-backed President Viktor Yanukovich and also the installing of a professional-Western government.

Kyiv said the purchase price increase was a politically-inspired proceed to punish it for seeking closer ties with all the European Union.

Europe gets around a third of the fuel 1 / 2 of that comes via Ukraine and it uses from Russia.

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