Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Crimea

Vladimir Putin arrives in Crimea for Victory Day as Ukraine facing clashes

President Vladimir Putin has arrived in Crimea, his first visit to the peninsula since Russia annexed it from Ukraine in March.

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Crimea for Victory Day as Ukraine clashes break out.


Russian President Vladimir Putin is here in Crimea for Victory Day events,
Missiles, tanks and fans cheer as rockets are paraded through the heart of Moscow,
Putin hails his country’s “all-conquering patriotism” in remarks in Moscow,
Tensions full of western Ukraine, where pro-Russian activists prepare a vote on autonomy.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin came in Crimea on Friday to be a part of Victory Day activities, Russian state media reported, since it was annexed by Russia from Ukraine in what could be his first trip to the disputed area.

Putin arrives in Crimea

Putin arrives in Crimea

The military parades, used every year to indicate the beat of Nazi Germany, come amid rising tensions in western Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists are organizing a weekend referendum on independence.

Issues between government forces and separatists were documented in Ukraine’s southeastern town of Mariupol, the most recent sign of the location’s volatility.

Putin arrives in Crimea for Victory Day

Putin arrives in Crimea for Victory Day

Large crowds have ended up within the Crimean town of Sevastopol for that military parades, their figures likely increased by rumors that Putin may attend.

A large show is prepared for that morning involving Russian warships within the Black Sea. Sevastopol hosts a vital Russian naval base.

State news agency RIA Novosti said Putin had appeared in Crimea to enjoy the 69th anniversary of Victory Day, however the Kremlin press company has to date declined to verify his arrival.

Putin arrives in Crimea for Victory Day as Ukraine clashes break out

Putin arrives in Crimea for Victory Day as Ukraine clashes break out

Where the annual show of nationalistic fervor continues to be increased by Russia’s annexation of Crimea, crowds earlier loaded the streets of Moscow.

Rocket launchers, tanks as well as intercontinental ballistic missiles were paraded through the administrative centreis Red Square in a Soviet-type show of military may, as thousands of individuals cheered and viewed, waving Russian flags.

In public comments there, Putin praised his country’s “all-conquering patriotism.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Crimea for Victory Day

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Crimea for Victory Day

Crazy change

A large majority in Sevastopol, in addition to over the Crimean peninsula, chosen in support of joining Russia in a controversial referendum in March and seceding from Ukraine. Moscow’s annexation of the Black Sea place, that was a part of Russia until 1954 and it has many ethnic Russian population, followed quickly on.

Sevastopol people told a CNN group they were pleased and happy to participate Russia again.

Their excitement comes despite a dirty, often crazy, procedure for change as well as the ongoing existence about the streets of regional “self-protection” models, or militias, called the “guys in green.”

Not many people are pleased by Russia’s annexation of Crimea, however. The native ethnic group Tatar population compared the transfer.

One local Tatar leader, Abduraman Egiz, told CNN he was beaten-up with a number of “guys in green” once they required to determine his identification documents.

“We whilst the neighborhood, we can not guarantee the protection of our people,” he explained.

Specialists in Ukraine have scaled back Victory Day activities within the money, Kiev, and elsewhere, anxious to prevent any large activities or presentations of assistance for Russia that may spark violence.

While Luhansk has requested teams to prevent gathering within the area, Kharkiv and Odessa have ended all large public activities. The town of Donetsk, however, is pressing forward with the established plan of activities, and move and an unofficial march are prepared.

In Kiev, the activities may be restricted to the laying of plants acting Leader Oleksandr Turchynov and by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a little experts’ move and show.

Gunfire, smoke in Mariupol streets

Meanwhile, a live video stream in the southeastern Ukrainian town of Mariupol on Friday revealed a tight situation with dark and gunfire smoke within the streets.

A pro-Russian activist noted that government soldiers were contrasting with separatists there.

The press company of the Interior Ministry told CNN that there’s fighting in Mariupol which the national guard has joined the town.

As of this moment, they’re not offering any data towards the press since the “scenario changes every moment,” officials said. They might not offer any info on accidents.

One-member of parliament published on his Facebook account that separatists had blockaded themselves within the police headquarters, surrounded by Ukrainian forces. Three “deaths” were noted one of the separatists, plus some Ukrainian officials were injured, lawmaker Oleg Lyashko said.

CNN can’t independently confirm that consideration at the moment. But live video streamed from Mariupol confirmed what seemed to be blood leaks and bloody footprints at many moments within the citycenter, while everyone was using address in the noise of what seemed to be bursts of gunfire.

Irina Voropaeva, who’s among the leaders of the pro-Russian camp in Mariupol, told CNN there are two locations within the town right now.

She said it had been unclear what was unfolding in the main police station. But, she said, the Ukrainian army is within the citycenter and she’s been informed the town hall building is burning. She added that she hear explosions and can see smoking.

Mariupol has turned into a flashpoint within the standoff between the separatists along with Ukrainian forces. Five pro-Russian activists were killed overnight Wednesday when Ukrainian forces attacked barricades about the borders of Mariupol, a speaker for that pro-Russian camp said.

Referendum postponement call

You can find concerns that other areas of the nation might move the same manner, less than 8 weeks after Crimea was wrested from Ukraine’s understanding.

Pro-Russian separatists in western Ukraine said Thursday they had went forward using a Sunday referendum on higher regional forces, defying a phone by Putin to postpone the election.

Putin had told the pro-Russian sympathizers to wait the referendum to provide conversation “the problems it requires to really have a chance.”

But representatives in the authority of the home-announced separatists and Donetsk People’s Republic from Luhansk told journalists they’d chosen to push forward when they need sovereignty from Kiev to ask western Ukrainians there.

The transfer has been firmly opposed by the West.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Friday that his place has ruined the pro-Russian separatists for keeping “illegal referendums.”

Fabius, who spoke by telephone with Yatsenyuk, reiterated France’s dedication to locate a political treatment for the situation in Ukraine.

The immediate concern is p-escalation, to get ready for the May 25 forthcoming elections and also to interact in a national conversation, Fabius said in a statement.

“About The local ‘referenda,’ we strongly emphasize they shouldn’t occur — neither on 11 May or at any later time,” said Maja Kocijancic, speaker for that European Union’s leading diplomat, Catherine Ashton.

“Such unauthorized local ‘referenda’ may only result in further escalation and have no democratic legitimacy.”

Diplomatic moves

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry talked by telephone with Yatsenyuk and each Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Thursday, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

In taking measures to leave taken public houses, Kerry centered on the significance of p-escalation, disarming separatists and his discussion with Lavrov, Psaki said.

the presidential elections planned for this month as well as Kerry also discussed the global communityis service for discussion within Ukraine, she said.

A global pact reached among its own Western partners, Ukraine and Russia in Geneva, Switzerland, last month that required the rebels to disarm and leave properties taken within the unstable western area hasn’t yet materialized.

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