Russia Putin laughs over sanctions on USA and Obama

Russia laughs over sanctions on

Obama and USA

story highlights:

As he signs bills to move Crimea to Russia sanctions are laughed off by Putin.
Obama’s sanction was laughed off by Russia’s deputy prime minister.

President promises to open account at blacklisted bank as northwest signs intention to keep pressure over Ukraine turmoil.

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin signs law on ratification of the treaty creating Crimea a part of Russia.

As per details:

Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, signs a law on ratification of the treaty creating Crimea section of Russia, within the Kremlin in Moscow.

Vladimir Putin has laughed off western sanctions against Russia, promising to open an account in a bank about the US blacklist, but showing he won’t advance the Ukraine situation further.

Vladimir Putin has laughed off western sanctions against Russia, promising to open an account in a bank about the US blacklist, but showing he won't advance the Ukrain

Vladimir Putin has laughed off western sanctions against Russia, promising to open an account in a bank about the US blacklist, but showing he won’t advance the Ukrain

A day following the US expanded its sanctions blacklist to consume businesspeople and helps from Putin’s inner-circle, the Russian leader told his security council he wouldn’t take retaliatory actions from the US sanctions or against risks that Ukraine can apply a visa regime with Russia.

But in the same time, he completed the annexation of Crimea by signing new legislation doing the transfer of the peninsula towards the Russian Federation. Putin described it as a “remarkable event”, as he closed the bills on Friday.

Western powers signalled their intent to keep the force, with France announcing a suspension of military co-operation with all the providing and nation warplanes towards the Baltic republics, which also provide edges and significant Russian community communities with it. The US was apparently arranging military exercises in western Europe to add the Baltic group of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia and Poland.

But Putin seemed insouciant in the face of the american manoeuvres. In reaction to the united states proceed to contain Bank Rossiya about the blacklist since it is thought to be the “individual bank for senior officers of the Russian Federation”, Putin joked: “I personally did not have a free account there, but I’ll certainly start a free account there on Monday.”

When it comes to 20 important authorities put into the US sanctions list, a happy Putin warned: “avoid them, we ‘ll be compromised by them”.

Mastercard and Visa have stopped those of SMP Bank, that is managed from the Rotenberg siblings currently approved by the united states, in addition to offering consumers of Bank Rossiya. The move marked the very first time sanctions have affected ordinary Russians.

There is a strict Russian attitude towards Ukraine, however. In the conference, the Russian prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, stated that an arrangement under which Russia offered deep discounts on Russian gas in substitution for allowing Russia to maintain its Black Sea fleet in Crimea to Ukraine ought to be terminated since Crimea was managed by Russia. Russia should seek the return of the $11bn (£6.7bn) that Ukraine saved under the contract, in addition to $5bn in different obligations, Medvedev said.

Investcafe analyst Andrei Shenk said the threat to call in debts was probably designed to keep Ukraine from taking revolutionary measures, including instituting a charge program.

“Itis a deterrent that may later be utilized in discussions” over Russia’s utilization of Ukrainian gas pipelines to market its merchandise to Europe, which may ultimately be stop within the political turmoil, Shenk said.

Putin told the conference that “an incredible number of totally innocent Ukrainians” who worked in Russia could suffer under any credit program.

In the same time, the US sanctions appeared to be going for a small toll on the Russian economy. Russian stocks dropped on Friday, using the Moscow market falling by around 4%, even though it later started to recover. One of the most were experienced by businesses attached to people about the sanctions list.

Meanwhile, the united states ratings agencies Fitch and S&P downgraded the outlook about the nation’s long-term local and international currency ratings to negative.

But, Shenk said, the primarily political US sanctions presented “the risk of damage greater than immediate damage” for the Russian economy. For now, whilst the cost of credit from western banks could increase for them, just economic companies might truly be influenced, he explained.

The already fragile ruble didn’t drop somewhat from the dollar as well as the euro on Friday.

Russia’s Central Bank offered to aid Bank Rossiya, evidently ensuring that it’d not allow the bank fail since US sanctions had stop its negotiations with other organizations as well as overseas credit card issuers.

Shenk said Russia was impossible to react to the US sanctions not just as it lacked the tools to do this, but since shooting back with its sanctions could acknowledge the legitimacy of the measure.

“For now, itis a political decision to not answer sanctions, to not recognize the validity of such measures,” he explained.

President Obama’s sanction was laughed off by Russia’s deputy prime minister

President Obama’s sanction was laughed off by Russia’s deputy prime minister

President Obama’s sanction was laughed off by Russia’s deputy prime minister

Russia’s deputy prime minister laughed off Leader Obama’s sanction against him today asking “Comrade @BarackObama” if “some prankster” created the listing.

The federal government struck 11 Russian and Ukrainian authorities with sanctions today as punishment for Russia’s assistance of Crimea’s referendum. One of them: helps to an Ukrainian politician and businessman, a high government official, senior lawmakers, Crimean authorities, the ousted leader of Ukraine, along with President Vladimir Putin allegedly associated with violence against demonstrators in Kiev.

It remains to be observed if the sanctions may deter Russia from annexing Crimea, but one-an early idea that they can not work arrived only hours later when President Putin signed a decree recognizing Crimea being an independent state, possibly an earlier move towards annexation.

U.S. official have warned of further sanctions for Russian action, hoping it’ll prevent Russia from any more hostility towards Ukraine, however it didn’t seem to upset the frequently outspoke Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Rogozin, a friend of actor Steven Seagal, required to Twitter to modify Obama, tweeting he believes “some prankster” created the sanctions list

In a later twitter resolved to “Comrade @BarackObama,” he asked, “what must do those individuals who have neither records or property abroad? Or U didn’t consider it?”

Another Russian about the sanctions list, Vladislav Surkov, also seemed unconcerned.

Surkov, a high Putin ideologue known as the Kremlin’s gray primary, allegedly told a Russian paper, “It’s a huge honor for me personally. I don’t have accounts abroad. The only items that interest me in the U.S. are Jackson Pollock, Allen Ginsberg, and Tupac Shakur. I don’t require a credit to gain access to their work. I lose nothing.”

Here’s who gets hit with all the sanctions:

U.S. Officials stated that, one of the approved people were architects” and the “key ideologists of Russia’s Ukraine plan, while adding that a few of the Russian authorities were contained in the listing due to their role in reducing “human rights and liberties” in Russia.

The sanctions steer clear of American banks from using the services of the named person, essentially freezing them from the global banking system and freeze any assets under American authority. The sanctions also enforce a ban on the journey towards the Usa. Individually, however in coordination with the White House, the European Union introduced sanctions today on 21 people who it plans to mention later. U.S. officials told reporters the European and American databases “overlapped” in certain region, but declined to express how.

The White House move is unlikely to influence Russia’s decision-making regarding Crimea’s bid to join the Russian Federation, though some of the approved authorities are bold-faced names. Russia’s stock market actually increased about the information that so few authorities were involved to the record. U.S. officials warned that, if Russia does proceed with annexation of Crimea, if Russia attempts to enter western Ukraine additional fines may follow, with increased, harder methods in the future.

Kremlin aides

Vladislav Surkov – An aide to President Vladimir Putin, he was once considered among Russia’s most effective men. He’s been named the Kremlin’s “gray cardinal” for his role as a power broker behind-the-scenes. He’s also acknowledged the builder of Russia’s political process, with power concentrated within the presidency. Previously he was credited with creating the philosophy of the ruling United Russia party. He’s also created rock-music lyrics and it is rumored to have published a book.

Sergei Glazyev – An economic benefit to Putin who oversaw relations with Ukraine. He was outspoken in his critique of European and American support for your protests and often blasted the protest action in Kiev.


Top government official

An open, hawkish Deputy Prime Minister, he’s recognized to possess a close friendship with Hollywood actor Steven Seagal is –ed by Dmitry Rogozin. Being a member of Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev’s government, Rogozin accounts for arms business and the military.

Russian lawmakers

A senior lawmaker is –ed by Elena Mizulina, she’s considered among the Kremlin’s morality enforcers within the parliament. She’s probably best-known as the co-writer of last year’s homosexual “propaganda” regulation which sparked outrage overseas. She also suggested a measure to provide Russian passports to Ukrainians.

Leonid Slutsky – A lawmaker in the lower house of Parliament. He’s the seat of the Committee on Relations with Compatriots, Eurasian Integration, and CIS Affairs. He was among the Russian experts participating Sunday’s referendum in Crimea.

Andrei Klishas – A person in the upper house of Parliament, the Federation Council, who planned retaliatory action in the event of Western sanctions on Russia. He’s the Development of Civil Society, as well as chairman of the Federation Council Committee of Legal Affairs, Judicial, and Constitutional Law.

Valentina Matviyenko – the top of the Federation Council, she’s probably the most senior lawmaker about the sanctions list.


Crimean officials

Sergey Aksyonov – Once an unknown pro-Russian politician in Crimea, he’s now been declared the prime minister.

Vladimir Konstantinov – The recently announced speaker of Crimea’s parliament.
Ukrainian officials

A pro-Russian politician is –ed by Viktor Medvedchuk, he’s being approved for having “materially served, sponsored, or offered financial, product, or technical support” to impeached President Viktor Yanukovich. Ukraine’s opposition has accused him of orchestrating or helping a crackdown on demonstrators and opposition.

Viktor Yanukovich – The ousted leader of Ukraine. Last month he was elected this year but was chased from office by protests.

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