Russia, China support uncertain for US about Syria help in UN

Russia, China support uncertain for US about Syria in UN

Whilst The fighting continues in Syria, the UN Security Council is placed to vote on the draft decision to enhance humanitarian aid access, possibly as soon as Friday.

However, it’s unclear if Russia and China will veto it.

Russia, China support uncertain for US Syria help election

Russia, China support uncertain for US about Syria in UN voting

The written text – submit by Luxembourg, Jordan and Australia – involves needs for cross border support entry, no further shelling and aerial bombardment – including barrel weapons – and calls on all parties to finish sieges of densely-populated areas quickly.

Additionally, it threatens unspecified “further steps” in case of non compliance.

The resolution’s vendors had hoped to obtain Moscow’s support by including some wording from an alternate Russian text.

Russia – which has protected Syria from UN Security Council condemnations throughout the three-year civil war there – has said it’d only support an answer that’s not “politicised”.

Moscow and Beijing are two of the five veto-wielding powers about the
15-member council.

They’ve previously vetoed several resolutions condemning Syria’s government and threatening it with possible sanctions.

The Un says 9.3 million people in Syria need help.

UN aid chief Valerie Amos last week told the UN Security Council to do something to improve humanitarian access. Amos has repeatedly expressed disappointment that red-tape and assault have slowed aid deliveries into a trickle.

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