Robots in future of biomimetics

A jumping robot shows the role of Biomimetics in the future of automation

Named the ‘Bionic Kangaroo’, a shocking new software developed by German business Festo was recently revealed in Hanover.

The robot’s jumping power is supplied by pneumatic actuators, which also act as shock-absorbers upon landing. It operates on rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries and electrical engines help it to manage its placement and keep stability.

Robots in future of biomimetics

Robots in future of biomimetics

Weighing in just eight lbs, it may leap 40 centimetres high – that’s nearly half its peak.

“We have (created) an Achilles tendon that will be like the one within the normal world. We are able to provide this power back for that next leap and with this Achilles tendon we’re ready to obtain power in the landing,” described Elias Knubben, head of Festo’s Corporate Bionic Tasks.

Its designers claim they’re not looking their merchandise in the industry but managed to get like a device to exhibit the ability of biomimetics – the human-created method that mimics nature – and its own possibility of industrial robot.

Additionally produced in Germany, the Kuka robotic arm is advanced enough to enjoy table-tennis in a professional-level.

Festo's Bionic Kangaroo

Festo’s Bionic Kangaroo

Its manufacturers examined accuracy and the robot’s pace in a match against German table-tennis champion Timo Boll.

He thinks it’s only a question of time, although the machine’s efficiency remains weaker-than man’s with Boll earning 11 to 9:

Reasoning and the real devices is perhaps not just like an individual, but perhaps as time goes by programs could be real rivals for all of US, and also “Table football continues to be an extremely complex activity, having a large amount of turn,” said Boll.

The best goal isn’t for that software to contend with a world-class table-tennis player but to battle jobs requiring a higher level of accuracy, with techniques that may alter the face of the robot business.

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