Rio Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week starting

Fashion Week kicks off in Rio and Shanghai

Rio Fashion Week has kicked-off in Brazil with luxury-brand Osklen’s new beachwear collection.

Its 1960’s minimalist feel had a smooth, stylish finish. Clothes were decorated by a repeated palm-leaf print in monochrome, bright red, pinks, blues and greens.

Rio Fashion Week - Male models

Rio Fashion Week – Male models

The brand’s president says his motivation is just a mixture of Brazilian and European influences:

“For me, it’s the administrative centre of the beach use. So I did made a decision to start my beach wear collection below, and you also understand the genetics, the aspects of design I provide for Osklen, who realizes and understands my style that it’s European appearance with Brazilian culture, beach lifestyle,” said Oskar Metsavaht.

Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week

Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week

On her selection, Patricia Viera displayed an enhanced series that included not just beach wear, but other important products to get a trip to the beach.

Models with attractive bedhead hair appeared in sunflower yellow stone designs, woven taupe and baby-blue. Viera added laser, glowing holograms, jungle produce, and tie-dye -cut lace items.

Shanghai Fashion Week

Shanghai Fashion Week

Coats and camisoles, clothes with solid colors and styles were the primary ingredients on her selection.

From Brazil to China, where Shanghai Fashion Week opened in the trendy Xintiandi area.

Local custom Zheng Shijing functions for Aimer, the key Asian underwear manufacturer.

“To be simple, we still can’t match up against the large global brands. However it won’t take long for people to catch-up. Individuals are much less enthusiastic about major models like a year or two ago. They’re just starting to purchase products due to their style, and never due to the nice logo,” she said.

The manufacturer is concentrated on stylish swimwear to be used when walking across the beach or eating in beach restaurants.

Traditional swimwear in China may be the one-piece swimsuit, but bikinis are steadily making inroads.

Chinese superstar Gong Li, on the promotion tour on her upcoming film ‘Return’, attended the function being an ambassador for that manufacturer.

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