Palo Alto – another Coppola film hits the screen

Palo Alto – another Coppola movie hits the screen

Palo Alto is another movie in the Coppola family, a-coming-of-age yarn from Gia Coppola, relative of Sofia and daughter of Francis Ford.

Referring to her very first time directing, she said: “I had just finished school so I was reflecting back on that point amount of my entire life. Senior school and also the kind of difficult years.

Palo Alto – another Coppola film hits the screen

Palo Alto – another Coppola film hits the screen

Where I might be a little excited for this and I’d enough range. However when I met John and he offered me his book, it certainly resonated with me and I associated with it and felt like I hadn’t seen something that represented these years in a sincere way and I was thrilled from the opportunity to have the ability to collaborate with him and tell that story.”

Palo Alto follows the lives of four senior high school teenagers in California and was based quite strongly about the experiences of actor and author, James Franco. He explained: “I’d been creating lots of various things after which, when I began writing about teenagers within this time of change, it was simply the content which was probably the most alive. So I just started writing exclusively about that.” and simply centered on that

Having been tested at numerous conventions, including Tribeca and Venice, the movie is likely to be launched in america this May.

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