Obama seeks unity against Russia for Ukraine

Ukraine rebels free Swedish hostage; Obama seeks unity against Russia

Pro-Russian rebels paraded European screens they’re keeping in western Ukraine on Sunday, releasing one-but saying they’d no plans to produce another eight because the United States and Europe organized fresh sanctions against Moscow.

Ukraine rebels free Swedish hostage

Ukraine rebels free Swedish hostage

U.S. President Barack Obama called for Europe and America to get together to impose tougher measures to limit Moscow. The White House said it’ll include titles on Monday of individuals near to President Vladimir Putin and companies they manage to some listing of Russians hit by sanctions over Ukraine, as well as impose new limits on hi-tech exports.

Obama seeks unity against Russia for Ukraine

Obama seeks unity against Russia for Ukraine

The European Union is likely to follow suit by contributing to its listing of companies and specific Russian individuals, but Brussels and Washington have yet to achieve agreement on broader measures intended to harm the Russian economy more generally.

In Donetsk, where pro-Russian rebels have announced an independent “people’s republic”, armed fighters bought it to begin broadcasting a Russian state Television station and seized the headquarters of local television.

Speaking during a trip to Malaysia, Obama said restraining Russian President Vladimir Putin’s goals in Ukraine depends to its partners and the United States getting a single position on stronger sanctions.

“Weare likely to maintain a stronger position to prevent Mr. Putin when he recognizes Europe and the United States is specific in the place of that is only an U.S.-Russian conflict as well as the world is single,” Obama told reporters.

White House deputy national security adviser Tony Blinken said the newest U.S. steps mainly centered on contributing to a summary of those banned from travel for the Usa, could be added on Monday and struck by asset freezes.

“we are seeking to select people that are in (Putin’s) inner-circle, who’ve a substantial effect on the Russian economy. We’ll be seeking to specify businesses they along with other inner-circle people handle,” Blinken told CBS television.

“We’ll be taking a look at taking actions, too, regarding high-technology exports for their protection business. All this together will have an effect.”

The stand-off over Ukraine, an ex-Soviet republic around 45 million people, has pulled relations between the West and Russia for their lowest level since the conclusion of the Cold War.

After a pro-Russian leader was overthrown by Ukrainians, Putin overturned years of international diplomacy last month by saying the best to use military pressure on his neighbor’s place. He’s seized and annexed Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula and massed thousands of soldiers about the frontier.

Heavily-armed pro-Russian gunmen have seized properties in cities and towns across western Ukraine. Kiev and its Western allies say the rebellion is led by Russian agents. Moscow suggests the rebellion is just a natural response to oppression of Russian speakers by Kiev and denies it’s concerned.

A global agreement reached this month calls on rebels to leave occupied structures, but Obama said Russia hadn’t “raised a hand” to drive its partners to comply.

“In fact, thereis solid evidence they’ve been pushing those activities in southern and western Ukraine.”


The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe has sent unarmed monitors to try and promote compliance with all the peace deal. The pro-Russian rebels arrested ten European displays three days before and have now been keeping them at their most heavily-fortified redoubt in the city of Slaviansk.

One, a Swede, was allowed to depart on Sunday after OSCE negotiators came to go over their release. A separatist spokeswoman said the prisoner have been release on medical grounds, but there were no plans to free the remainder.

The captives, said these were in a healthy body and from Germany, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland and Denmark, were paraded before journalists on Sunday.

“We’ve no clue when we are sent home to the nations,” the team’s leader, German Colonel Axel Schneider, told reporters as armed men in balaclavas and camouflage fatigues looked on. “We want in the base of our minds to return to the countries just and as quickly as possible.”

Germany said Moscow should push their captors to free the prisoners and denounced the look.

“the general public parading of Ukrainian security forces as criminals and the OSCE observers coldly affects the pride of the patients and is revolting,” Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in a statement.

“It’s an infringement of each and every principle of requirements and conduct which are designed for tight situations such as this. Russia has a responsibility so the detained members of the OSCE mission are opened when possible to affect the separatists.”

The OSCE, an European security body, contains Russia. Even though Europeans kept in Slaviansk were on the separate OSCE-approved mission that didn’t need Russia’s permission, its primary Ukraine vision was authorized by Moscow.

Vyacheslav Ponomaryov, the rebel leader that has declared himself mayor of Slaviansk, said the separatists were ready to trade them for other rebels in Ukrainian custody and has identified them as prisoners of war.

Washington is more hawkish on further sanctions than a number of its European partners, that has caused a level of impatience among some U.S. officials. Several European nations are concerned about the dangers of imposing tougher sanctions – the EU has over 10 times the maximum amount of business with imports of a quarter of its gas from Russia and Russia because the United States.


In the Donetsk television headquarters, about 400 pro-Russian demonstrators chanted “Russia! Russia!” and “Referendum!” – a require a vote like one in Crimea that beat its annexation by Russia last month. Four separatists in masks controlled-access in the entrance, and much more masked gunmen in camouflage fatigues might be seen inside.

Oleg Dzholos, the station’s manager, who came outside to talk to journalists, said the folks who seized the building had requested him to alter the development.

“They used force to break the rules the gates,” he explained. “There were no risks. There have been very few of my people. So what can some people do? The leaders of the motion simply gave me an ultimatum this one of the Russian stations needs to be broadcast.”

Ponomaryov, the rebel leader in Slaviansk, said his men had taken three officials with Ukraine’s state security service who, he explained, have been mounting an operation against separatists in the nearby town of Horlivka.

The Russian television station Rossiya 24 showed footage it said was of a chief, a significant plus the colonel. These were shown seated, using their arms behind their backs, blindfolded, and wearing no pants. Atleast two had bruises on the faces.

Ukraine’s State Security Service said the three have been a part of a device which visited Horlivka to arrest a suspect in the killing of Volodymyr Rybak, a professional-Kiev councillor whose body was discovered last week in a river near Slaviansk.

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