Obama riffs on US health policy at annual reporters’ dinner

Obama riffs on healthcare policy at annual reporters’ dinner

Obama has used the annual White House correspondents’ supper to crack cracks about Vladimir Putin, his political opponents and his health plan.

The health plan has severe IT issues, forcing the laugh: “In 2008 my slogan was: ‘Yes we could.’ In 2013 my slogan was: ‘Handle-alt-delete.'”

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Obama riffs on healthcare policy at annual reporters’ dinner

And he ridiculed media experts because of their apparent obsession with Mr Putin’s bare chest.

A large number of politicians, writers and celebrities were in the dinner.

The move-from healthcare.gov, Mr Obama’s primary policy initiative of his second period, provided a lot of the humour.

The president made many recommendations to computer malfunctions.

“Does anyone understand how to resolve this,” he expected, acting the overhead projector had did not work.

Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who quit consequently of the IT problems, walked up and said: “I got this. I view it constantly.”

The president used Mr Putin as a means of lampooning political opponents and some conservative commentators.

“a year ago [conservative commentator] Pat Buchanan said Putin is headed directly for that Nobel Peace Prize… These days to be fair they provide these to simply about anyone. Therefore it might occur,” he said. Mr Obama was handed the honor last year having been selected for this after less than fourteen days in office.

“[Republican] Mike Huckabee and [conservative commentator] Sean Hannity keep referring to his bare chest, that will be type of weird.”

The charity event is typically utilized by presidents to ridicule their competitors, but also laugh at themselves.

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