Nicolas Cage stars in ‘Joe’, an lovely stroy of hope

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage is in ‘Joe’ – an indie film about an ex-con who becomes the unlikely role-model of the small boy named Gary, who’s struggling in the hands of an abusive, alcoholic father.

Together they try to look for a road to redemption as well as the expect an improved life within the tough, dirty world of small-town Mississippi.

Nicolas Cage stars in ‘Joe’

Nicolas Cage stars in ‘Joe’

Cage spoke about his trip being an actor from indie to mainstream films and again: “I had taken a year off and was looking for a movie where I can set whatever feelings or whatever knowledge I’d acquired through my entire life experiences 2 yrs as much as reading that script.”

“When ‘Joe’ came in I said, ‘Well this is exactly what I’m searching for since I don’t believe I’m likely to need to behave a lot of. I think I’m only going to experience this.’ I believe I’d the emotional content to complete the conversation in ways that’s truthful.”

Nicolas Cage stars in ‘Joe’, an emotional tale of hope

Nicolas Cage stars in ‘Joe’, an emotional tale of hope

The cast includes non-professional actor Gary Poulter, who plays the drunk father. He was discovered by director David Gordon Green around the roads like a homeless guy. Unfortunately, Poulter died soon after making the film.

“It’s quite a sad story actually, since H was… he’d talent,” says Cage.

“He turned up for work, he was promptly, he knew his lines but a professional actor is wasn’ted by him. And I remember I mentioned to him, because he did have a drinking problem and he didn’t drink while we were recording, I said, ‘Gary, in case you can just keep it together for a year, only a year, your phone will start calling and your daily life will change, it’s likely to be great.’ he explained, ‘Really?’ I said, ‘Really.’ Then I got the phone call he handed down and I was like ‘Wow’, and I was really upset because of it, because his life would have… life changes.”

An adaptation of Larry Brown’s 1991 book of the exact same title, the film has opened to good reviews within the United States, with near unanimous praise for the actors performances, including small Tye Sheridan within the part of H.

‘Joe’, starring Nicolas Cage, involves European cinemas later this spring.

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