My spouse was raped by “Thugs at Nkandla” – President Jacob Zuma

“Thugs raped my wife at Nkandla” – President Jacob Zuma

President Jacob Zuma told journalists in Johannesburg on Monday because among his wives have been raped there the cause he’d the security beefed up in his Nkandla homestead was Zuma wouldn’t say provide the precise year the event occurred, but stated that it was still when he was an MEC.

“There were conditions that required protection, especially for my homestead. Subsequently thieves arrived and raped and our homestead was burned twice during assault my spouse in the period I was still the MEC.” Zuma said, handling the press concerning the Nkandla scandal.

“Thugs raped my wife at Nkandla” – President Jacob Zuma

“Thugs raped my wife at Nkandla” – President Jacob Zuma

The leader also stated because it wasn’t his issue that he wasn’t stressed concerning the Nkandla scandal, Eyewitness News stories.

The general public protector’s statement, launched in March, discovered that his family and Zuma had unduly benefited in the low-safety updates performed at Nkandla. However, the leader it has declined to settle the income as suggested from the public defender and has declined to take responsibility for that spending.

“No government has generated Zuma’s house. But there’s nothing that’s being stated by people who were making the state at first,” he explained.

Zuma said flatly he wasn’t contacted concerning the updates.

“They did this without telling me, why should I purchase anything I didn’t request?” ANN7 shot Zuma saying this throughout the ANC’s door-to-entrance election campaign in Cape Town’s Gugulethu township in March.

“I did nothing wrong. They won’t find anything against me even when they appear underneath a tree or perhaps a stone. I’m not liable.

“All I did was create my father’s home plus they are running after me for that. I’m from Nkandla –I won’t leave the area. I’ll return there when I retire.

“I never asked one to help me using the updates. I’ve spouses and I had a need to increase my homestead to support my big family. That’s not really a crime,” he explained.

The price of the updates risen to R246 million in the preliminary estimate of R65 million rand last year.

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