McDonald’s pulls out of Crimea

McDonald’s pulls out of Crimea, says it’s only temporary

McDonald’s has “temporarily” closed the three shops it owns in Crimea following a region’s annexation by Russia.

It stated the wish is they’ll reopen in Yalta, Sevastopol and Simferopol when possible, but also provided staff redundancy payoffs or monetary aid moving to careers in mainland Ukraine.

The fast-food-chain didn’t link the shutdowns straight to Moscow’s motion stating just the closures were because of “Operational factors beyond our control”.

McDonald’s pulls out of Crimea, says it’s only temporary

McDonald’s pulls out of Crimea, says it’s only temporary

One nearby didn’t appear too worried saying: “McDonald’s closing down – I believe all smart folks are pleased about this, everybody who worry about their health, about healthy food.”

Businesses have been worried by the annexation with resources in Crimea – because it is uncertain how their company might be influenced a significant visitor spot –.

The McDonald’s closures caused ultra-nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky to demand all its restaurants in Russia to become closed.

When they vanished permanently when they shut below also … “It could be great. Pepsi-Cola could be following,” Russian media quoted Zhirinovsky as saying. He’s the deputy-speaker of the Russian parliament.

A Russian backlash again the string might have a substantial effect on its earnings, but might also strike Russian food vendors to McDonald’s.

McDonald’s recognizes Russia as among its top eight key areas outside Canada and the USA and currently operates over 400 restaurants in the united states, based on its 2013 annual statement.

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