Latest discoveries on bird song

Groundbreaking discoveries on bird songs

Scientists in the University of Buenos Aires expect that some bird species may help develop technology to synthesise speech for those who have lost the capability to communicate normally.

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Zebra Finch, Taeniopygia guttata

They’ve made some revolutionary findings about the way there are several unexpected similarities between birdsong and human speech and how chickens create noise. By understanding the structure of birdsong, the group has generated statistical models of the aspects governing avian vocal areas.

Latest discoveries on birdsong

Latest discoveries on birdsong

Gabriel Mindlin, a physicist in the University of Buenos Aires, defined: “The birds make use of a vocal device that’s called a syrinx; when air moves through these top-like passageways they start to oscillate the same as human vocal chords do, so if one studies the science of how bird song is created it may hold clues about how human speech is done. If one uses the mathematical equations that govern the conduct of these passageways on the processor, you should use the concept is this acts as a model for the development of the human voice synthesizer.”; and also these equations to create a vocal synthesizer for birds

The research, recently released in science journal Nature, demonstrated how performing is coordinated by songbird’s minds with complex time: others are synced with current looks, though some nerves make to create sounds. The decoding of the neural representation of conversation may also reveal speech problems like stuttering or aphasia, a problem caused by a stroke.

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