Las Bambas China makes largest-ever mine purchase

China makes biggest-ever mine purchase at Las Bambas

A Chinese consortium has paid top dollar for Glencore’s Las Bambas copper mine in Peru. The cost of 4.3 billion pounds was towards the top end of analysts’ predictions.

China makes biggest-ever mine purchase at Las Bambas

China makes biggest-ever mine purchase at Las Bambas

As Beijing feared that will provide an over-prominent position within the copper industry to the miner, the purchase was pushed on Glencore by government competition regulators because the price to cover its takeover of Xstrata.

China purchases mine at Las Bambas

China purchases mine at Las Bambas

The Peruvian mine is a result of begin production in 2015 in a rate greater than 450,000 tonnes annually for your first five years. The offer involves the rest of the development costs being picked up by China.

Las Bambas mine

Las Bambas mine

Glencore Xstrata Plc Has signed an agreement for the purchase of its entire interest within the Las Bambas copper mine project.

Distributed into a consortium held 62.5% by MMG Minimal, 22.5PERCENT by GUOXIN International Investment Corporation Limited and 15.0PERCENT by CITIC Metal Co., Limited

The thought for that purchase is around us$5.85 billion, due to glencore.

Additionally, other expenses incurred in developing las bambas within the period from 1 january 2014 to final as well as all-capital spending may also be due from the range.

Arises from the sale will immediately and materially de-equipment glencore’s balance-sheet.

Glencore will continue to consider opportunities to reinvest money consistent with our printed results requirements.

Any excess money, at the mercy of maintaining an effective balance glencoreis powerful bbb/baa credit scores assistance, may be delivered to investors, inside an appropriate time period and construction.

The deal is subject to certain regulatory approvals (including mofcom) in addition to the acceptance of mmg minimal investors.

Deal is expected to close before the end-of q3 2014 Supply text for Eikon.


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