Jon Favreau returns to his roots with ‘Chef’ at Tribeca film festival

Jon Favreau returns to his roots with ‘Chef’ at Tribeca

Jon Favreau’s new indie film ‘Chef’ has opened in the Tribeca film festival in Ny.

The story of the restaurant cook who’s dismissed for going off-selection but is reborn when he starts their own food-truck, ‘Chef’ has a star-studded cast, including Dustin Hoffman, Scarlett Johansson, John Leguizamo, Sofía Vergara and Robert Downey Jr.

Jon Favreau returns to his roots with ‘Chef’ at Tribeca

Jon Favreau returns to his roots with ‘Chef’ at Tribeca

So they were open to perform and “Fortunately they liked the software and so they didn’t mind not getting paid lots of money, so I owe all of them huge favors, that throw,” said Favreau.

Favreau got to cook together with his own elements and set their own selection for that film, by which he plays the lead role and which he wrote, directed, co-developed.

A dark-haired Colombian actor Sofía Vergara plays his ex-spouse and Scarlett Johansson is cast as his partner.

“It was amazing for me in order to stay a film with Jon Favreau, not just to see him being a representative but also being an actor, with stars like John Leguizamo – he’s Colombian – it had been lots of fun for me personally,” said Vergara.

With all the help of his ex-girlfriend, his closest friend and his daughter, the cook takes towards the street in his food-truck, reinvigorating his enthusiasm for your home and returning to his roots.

Funnyman John Leguizamo plays his friend.

“‘Chef’ is the journey of the person, any person in the US who reaches some quantity of success and what goes on for you – the arrogance that sets in, the small power-hungry, you overlook the ones that you like and comes the fall, after which you’ve to pick yourself up and you also discover that the easiest way to achieve that has been true to oneself,” said John Leguizamo.

Though some call it an “amiably rambling dramedy”, others identify it as Favreau’s “personal food-truck”, stating the parallel’s between your film and also the director of blockbusters like ‘Iron Guy 2’ and ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ are apparent.

‘Chef’ is on worldwide release from today.

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