Johnny Depp does not transcend in ‘Transcendence’

Johnny Depp fails to transcend in ‘Transcendence’

‘Transcendence’ stars Johnny Depp like a brilliant investigator, who produces a PC that offers collective intelligence and emotions.

He becomes the goal of extremists who oppose scientific development and attempted to destroy him. His partner and he add his brain to your computer, protecting him forever, before they are able to succeed.

Johnny Depp fails to transcend in ‘Transcendence’

Johnny Depp fails to transcend in ‘Transcendence’

In the La premiere, the Hollywood star joked that after creating the film, he was frightened for the future of mankind.

“Infinitely more terrified. But, I mean, in the same period we’re the faster that individuals understand that, the higher off we’ll be, as well as all-in this package together,” he explained with a grin.

Co-star Morgan Freeman said the movie bears an essential concept: “I believe if we’re likely to attempt to do that, we better tread very cautiously’.”, the movie by itself is just a cautionary tale compared to that effect, that ‘Listen

The science-fiction film examines the idea of the singularity, a theoretical instant when human intelligence will be overtaken by computers and also artificial intelligence.

Rebecca Hall stars as fellow researcher and Depp’s partner.

“The time that I googled something about this, I realized there is only a total apocalypse coming that I’d no idea about. Based on the internet – that you should always think,” she smiled. “I learned just about everything there’s to understand about the singularity from-scratch, I’d no idea”.

The directorial debut of Wally Pfister, Chris Nolan’s long-time cinematographer who won an Oscar for his focus on ‘Inception’, ‘Transcendence’ has disappointed experts, who call it “a film about big ideas that’s few unique versions of its”.

Others deplore the movie’s “consistently dull and dull figures”, including a “tired” performance by lead man Johnny Depp.

“Transcendence” is working now in US cinemas.

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