Jesus God Superstar tours North America,Abba marks 40, Radcliffe on Broadway

A new version of the popular seventies rock opera ‘Jesus God Superstar’ goes on tour in The United States

Its star-studded cast includes Ben Forster, the success of the British prime-time show ‘Superstar’. He plays the daughter of God.

Also within the cast is Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Kid as Mary Magdalene, and punk legend John Lydon, also known by his former stage name Johnny Rotten, as King Herod.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar

When he was only 21 Andrew Lloyd Webber co-wrote the audio with Tim Rice. It began like a concept album after which became an US arena tour before conquering Broadway in 1971.

“I think what we did – what Andrew did especially – was to combine theater and rock for the forces of stone and also your very first time having a large band. And tell a tale,” said veteran lyricist Tim Rice.

With over 50 times, the tour begins in New Orleans in June, with stops in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto, before ending in Philadelphia in August.

Radcliffe back on Broadway as the ‘Cripple’

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is back on Broadway because the ‘Cripple’ Billy Claven at night humor ‘The Impact of Inishmaan’.

Young Billy to everyone’s shock and gets it, vies to get a component, whenever a film crew appears to shoot a documentary in his town in Ireland.

The play is coming to Broadway after its sold-out run last summer in London’s West-End.

Radcliffe’s last stint on Broadway was in ‘How to Achieve Success (in Business Without Really Trying)’.

“I still would say that ‘How to Achieve Success (in Business Without Really Trying)’ beats this, definitely about the effort entrance as well as the endurance you have to do this show. I still maintain that musical theater continues to be the toughest work any actor may do when they actually want to work hard,” said Radcliffe.

‘The Impact of Inishmaan’ opens on Broadway on April 20.

ABBA celebrates 40 years since Waterloo

Swedish band ABBA have noted 40 years since their international breakthrough hit ‘Waterloo’ having a huge party at London’s Tate Modern gallery.

It coincided with the start of the new book of previously unpublished pictures of the legendary group.

“They found pictures we’d no idea existed and have actually been studying. So they put this stunning book together and I enjoy it a great deal. Also it originates from us, we’ve been very active in the entire process,” said group member Frida Lyngstad.

Among the most commercially successful acts within the history of pop-music, Abba topped worldwide maps from 1975 to 1982 promoting over 380 million photos.

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