Iran says 200 kg enriched uranium is watered down under Geneva deal

Iran says it watered down, converted over 200 kg of enriched uranium

Iran said on Saturday it’d finished watering down and transforming over 200 kilograms (440 lb) of enriched uranium under a deal reached in Geneva last November with world powers over its disputed nuclear program.

“on the basis of the contract together with the West, we were likely to have 50% of our 200 kg inventory of uranium diluted as well as the partner transformed into uranium oxide,” Iran’s nuclear chief, Ali Akbar Salehi, told the Arabic-language Al Alam television station.

Iran says it watered down, converted over 200 kg of enriched uranium

Iran says it watered down, converted over 200 kg of enriched uranium

The International Atomic Energy Agency said on Thursday that Iran has acted to reduce its most vulnerable nuclear stockpile by nearly 75 percent in implementing a landmark pact with world powers, but a well planned service it’ll have to satisfy the six-month offer has been delayed.

Salehi, who heads the nation’s nuclear energy company, said the quick procedure for uranium conversion was likely to facilitate the release of frozen Iranian assets within the West.

Underneath the development deal that took effect on January 20, Iran stopped some facets of its nuclear program in exchange for a small easing of international sanctions which have laid low the major oil manufacturer’s economy.

If it conforms with all the temporary deal, Iran will receive a total of $4.2 billion in profits long freezing runs, in ten instalments within the January-July period. Including Japan’s latest funds, it’s received $2.55 billion. South Korea, another importer of Iranian gas, has made one payment.

Salehi also said Iran could be prepared in just a month to answer all six issues raised from the IAEA about Iran’s suspected nuclear activities.

“we-don’t have anymore issues with IAEA about the nuclear issue. There are not any more issues that people have not responded. Quite simply, we are able to say Iran’s nuclear activities is just a closed event previously,” he explained.

Talking about the Arak nuclear reactor, a significant bone of contention within the last round of talks in Vienna, Salehi said Tehran had agreed to upgrade the core of the heavy water reactor to minimize plutonium production to at least one-fifth of its production capability.

“We’re learning changing the energy cycle from organic to enriched uranium of between four to five-percent. Another aspect continues to be advised of our strategy because it eliminates their concern over plutonium result, and so they accepted the concept.”

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