Independence from Spain Catalonia’s desire, Europe’s issue

Independence from Spain Catalonia’s dream, Europe’s dilemma

Artur Mas, the top of the autonomous Catalan government in Spain, reaches the forefront of the plan to put up a referendum on independence from Spain on November 9.

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Independence from Spain Catalonia’s desire, Europe’s issue

The federal government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in Madrid has rejected the thought of a referendum and opposes independence for Catalonia.

The Spanish parliament is placed to vote from the plebiscite in a discussion on April 8.

Artur Mas, who’s supported by the Vegetables and secessionists, talked to euronews’ Vicenc Batalla in Barcelona about that crucial issue for several of Europe.

Global Press Artur Mas, what’re the likelihood of an independence referendum that Catalonia will end up separate oneday and happening on November 9.

Artur Mas you will find options. Myself and the Catalan government will do the most to make sure that this referendum, which is why there’s a sizable consensus in Catalonia, will proceed as decided on November 9 2014. We’re investing in place-all the conditions needed seriously to have the ability. And I anticipate that there won’t be any specific or revolutionary resistance to the area of the Spanish companies that would seek to avoid the peaceful and democratic hosting of the referendum, or discussion, which, incidentally, is likely to be used legally, in agreement with a law, a Spanish law or a Catalan law. That’s what we’re along the way of clarifying right now.

Global Press Why do you consider David Cameron decided to a referendum on Scottish independence while one would not be accepted by Mariano Rajoy for Catalonia?.

A far more serious democratic will than in Spain. I regret that because I’d like to say that in Spain there’s the same skill for democracy or the same experience for democracy, or democratic will is there’sed by Artur Mas Possibly in the united kingdom. Spain is without a doubt a democracy. However it doesn’t have exactly the same level as British democracy. That’s the truth.

I believe that Prime Minister Cameron accepted that in Scotland a parliament have been chosen in having a popular mandate to put on a referendum. He democratically accepted the judgment of the Scottish. He never considered questioning that Scotland was a country. In Spain it’s rejected that Catalonia is just a country. That’s the very first major mistake since that perspective is unlike what history shows us, once we can easily see from the walls of the structure (where in actuality the meeting is happening) relationship from the start of the 15th-century and which includes been the seat of the Catalan government when we’ve gained freedom and democracy. This perspective can also be from the will of nearly all Catalan people.

Global Press The issue of whether Catalonia remains inside the EU or not if it becomes independent will seriously affect voters’ viewpoint. The European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso suggests a completely independent Scotland, like Catalonia, would need to abandon the Marriage and ask to be re admitted.

Artur Mas Yes, however in saying they didn’t state exactly what the precedents were, since you will find none. They didn’t state that within the EU treaties, and more specifically within the Lisbon Agreement, there’s no thought of this type of situation. It’s not been regarded since they never believed this 1 day it’d happen. Therefore, there’s nothing written down. They don’t say what’ll occur to the rights of citizenship used for many-many years by Scottish people or Catalans; citizenship rights that can’t be annulled or swept away immediately.

Under what circumstances may we be reintegrated, and, most importantly, something they didn’t state; in the event of an exit? Do we return as places that were never area of the European Union and that have never set up the Union’s norms and guidelines? Under what circumstances? Or maybe there is completely different circumstances, by having an arrangement for people who’re currently within the Union and flexible and submit to all of the rules? And for individuals who, like Catalonia, are net contributors to the EU and wish to stay within it?

Global Press is definitely an independent Catalonia financially feasible? Are business leaders requesting to press forward with the procedure or rather, actually, move backwards?

Artur Mas Both, really. And you’d assume that. You will find entrepreneurs who’ve interests throughout Spain and those who’ve less. The more interests you’ve in most of Spain, the more the procedure is just a struggle for you. Entrepreneurs who’ve fewer passions, who are less determined by the Spanish market and move more have another view.

Who worries this method? No body must certanly be scared! It’s true that some want to instill fear in the outside. Several! And especially some press in Madrid who never stop this campaign of fear. They never stop! However In Catalonia, we see a lot more emotional detachment because we can see that they’re attempting to do is divide us and split up most for the referendum.

Global Press within your look for partners in Europe, France can play an essential role since there’s part of France where Catalan is spoken by them, at Perpignon. What do you consider the French response could be if freedom is achieved in Catalonia?

Artur Mas I don’t know! I can’t let you know. You realize perfectly that France is most importantly a centralist state. That’s a theory that’s generally accepted in France. Not by everyone, however the bulk. In Spain it’s different, really different. In Spain you will find 2 or 3 national realities, which don’t occur within the same manner in France. These are facts which have been opposed here.

Furthermore – and this really is extremely important – what’s occurring in Catalonia isn’t meant to be repeated in other areas of Europe. There’s the problem in Scotland, but that also is extremely specific. You will find not really a large amount of European nationality conditions that could be when compared with what’s occurring in Catalonia. And no such scenario exists in France. From that time of view I believe France has nothing to fear since the Catalan procedure is extremely specific. It’s an extremely unique procedure. And, I stress, you will find no comparable circumstances within the most of the areas around the continent of Europe.

Global Press right now there’s an extremely important and potentially chaotic situation in Crimea between Russia and Ukraine. Once The Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo created an adverse contrast between your situation in Catalonia and Crimea what did you believe? And also, what do you consider when Russian Television describes Catalonia to justify the referendum organized in Crimea?

Artur Mas Search, the evaluations utilized in Russia are section of a situation simply because they need a myriad of reasons in order justify what’s been occurring there. They create types of evaluations!

What shocked me most, was what the Spanish minister of foreign-affairs said. For me personally, it’s insane to create a comparison between Crimea and Catalonia.

I believe it’s insane since they’re completely different circumstances. In Crimea there wasn’t a government elected with a mandate to meet a referendum. In Catalonia, yes.

In Crimea, there’s no insufficient stress. And, in Catalonia, there’s no type of tension. In Catalonia, there’s an overall total pacifism, genuine democracy, an elected government with a mandate to meet a democratic discussion. Truly, there’s no comparison.

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