IEC responds to differences on audited election results

IEC responds to discrepancies on audited election results

The IEC has responded to accusations of voting differences, stating the worst situations are a direct result modifications being made.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) on Saturday replied to accusations of voting differences, stating the worst situations were a direct result modifications being made.

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IEC responds to discrepancies on audited election results

A scanned slide at Hoërskool Montana in Pretoria differed greatly using what was noted from the IEC and signed-off by auditors.

Watch the scanned slide for the captured results as well as Montana Hoerskool.

“The results about the program taken and were fixed according to the outcomes slide,” the IEC stated in reaction to inquiries in the Email & Guardian.

The audit trail about the IEC’s program clearly indicates national outcomes were noted in problem which it was fixed. But there’s no accessible slide or saving of the modification.

Similar discrepancies
Meanwhile, G & the M was notified on Saturday of the similar difference where the ANC election taken was almost double of this about the slide but no auditing trail was proven to have captured the problem.

In the Gugulethu Civic Hall in Cape Town, the ANC was noted as having gotten 1 827 votes within the provincial count – about 86PERCENT of votes cast. However the scanned results slide revealed only 980 votes for the ANC.

“If here is the situation with this particular voting place then just how many others exist?” impartial observer Mike Atkins told the M&G.

There are also several situations where much more ballots were forged provincially than nationally in the same place.

In a ward in Richwood, within the Western Cape, 3 741 ballots were obtained for that land and 1 677 were received nationally. Just 13 votes were noted as spoiled for that national election, indicating a lot more than 2 000 people in the place decided to not complete a national poll, that will be an unlikely situation, based on Atkins.

“Section 24 A votes may take into account differences between provincial and national ballots,” the IEC stated in response.

Requires recounting
The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have been one of the most expressive of the little parties worried about the differences – as well as the most effective.

However the EFF on Saturday released its decision to take the outcomes, regardless of the mistakes it’d acquired.

“Whatever shenanigans they did we take, it’s area of the university costs you pay.” said Malema. “There are no perfect elections. We don’t need a civil war, we don’t need this place in ashes. We love this country of Nelson Mandela.”

This leaves the Skillet Afranist Congress (PAC) and African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) in a hard situation because they are they only people calling for a recount. The ACDP place in an opposition on Friday evening of a specific ward, calling to get a recount of Gauteng’s ballots, combined with the EFF, however the party has since been convinced to accept benefits.

“We can’t keep picking on little items,” said EFF national elections co-ordinator Gardee Godrich who recorded the EFF’s doubt concerning the issue. “The country is also critical … we don’t desire to be another Angola or Democratic Republic of Congo.”

Deadline passed
The PAC missed the contract for arguments, which different events have mentioned was too tight considering the fact that metros were still being measured. The party made ageneral demand all leads to be recounted.

It was regardless of the expected relationship involving PAC and the EFF in front of elections.

PAC secretary general Narius Moloto, who stated the occasion have been robbed, told the M&G the occasion reported for the IEC after obtaining proof that a number of their provincial ballots were decreased once they got for the national level.

Moloto said the party “rejected” outcomes simply because they were “not a genuine representation of the ballots the PAC received” the IEC published at its outcomes operations center in Pretoria.

“We have evidence in a kind of examples from voting districts, which show this point is organized, it’s no incident,” Moloto said.

“The individuals of South Africa should be given actual details of ballots which were taken in the PAC to be able to make it unnecessary.

The IEC has been approached by “We, we did suggest to them a pattern where people vote for PAC within the land and it’s zero while these ballots are assigned to other parties.” where these numbers are being captured by national

‘Fraudulent signatures’
PAC deputy secretary general Bennett Joko confirmed the G & M numbers from voting districts, which he explained were decreased by IEC officers once they got to some national level. In the University of Cape Town where the PAC received 86 votes, based on a closed provincial benefits slide, the amount was reduced to zero once the outcomes got national agreement. The national backup wasn’t authorized, although the provincial benefits slide had been closed by a PAC party broker. At another voting district at Walter Sisulu University, the PAC stated to get received 136 votes, however they were ultimately reduced to 88.

Based on the Electoral Act, the contract for arguments was on Friday at 9pm however the PAC said it just became conscious of problems within the early hours of Saturday morning.

“We don’t understand why they [IEC] have been in a rush, provided the character of those arguments, to determine this point today [Saturday] as the Electoral Act offers eight days to produce the outcomes,” said Moloto.

There’s been no genuine development within the PAC’s efficiency since 1994 elections however the party states it had been sure that 2014 was its year showing improvement.

“Our votes have been systematically taken since 1994. We’re sure if your recount is performed the figures may change,” Moloto said.

“We aren’t speculating here. Even if we reported we could demonstrate to them the fake signatures where our party providers haven’t signed.”

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