‘Ice Poison’ targets illegal drugs

Rare Burmese film screens at Tribeca, ‘Ice Poison’ focuses on illegal drugs

Burmese-Taiwanese filmmaker Midi Z has revealed his new movie in the Tribeca film festival in Ny.

‘Ice Poison’ is another title for that drug crystal meth in Chinese, which movie tells the tale of the poor small player in Myanmar attracted to the lucrative business of drugs dealing.

‘Ice Poison’ targets illegal drugs

‘Ice Poison’ targets illegal drugs

The young film-maker has created a signature design for his personal portraits of aimlessness, drug-abuse and the poverty that trouble his homeland.

“Besides cast and budget restrictions, I face another major barrier. I can’t show the film in public places since we didn’t get permission to take it – therefore the problem was, how can we take our video without permission, how would you create a movie having very little budget and a hidden-camera? Ultimately, I believe the trip component was a method to avoid those limitations – that’s what art is all about,” stated Midi Z in the testing.

Ang Lee recognized it and made up like a surprise visitor for that film’s Tribeca testing. “They have almost no income, little camera – electronic, 10 days,” said the Oscar-winning director.

Exactly the same is I think the same manner we express our heart, attempt to talk, tell our stories, that’sed by “But. So we’re all-in exactly the same household and I’m pleased to assist films like this. And I began this way too, myself.”

The movie has gotten mixed reviews. Though some deplore its “grindingly slow pace”, others identify it as Midi Z’s “best (function) up to now”.

‘Ice Poison’ will certainly attract viewers merely about the power that it’s among the several feature films via Myanmar, if launched.

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