How to Download or save a YouTube video

How can I save or obtain a YouTube video to my computer?

YouTube has been made to just allow customers watch and to look at movies on the website. Many customers wish to save a common movies for their computer so they are able to view them on other products or to allow them to view them without having to be attached to the Web. Here are the actions necessary for viewing and installing YouTube videos on your PC for free.

Note: these actions are for preserving a YouTube video and never keeping just the YouTube video’s sound to an MP3 file.

Download or save a YouTube video

Download or save a YouTube video

Keeping YouTube video like a movie file on your PC

There are lots of websites that permit you to enter the link of the movie obtain a connect to obtain the file, and you wish to save for your computer. Below is just a simple three-step approach that to obtain any YouTube video.

  1. Copy the link of the movie and visit any YouTube video site you wish to save. For instance, the address below may be the link of the video on YouTube.

  1. Once this target continues to be copied, insert that link in to the URL text area below and press the Download Video button.
  2. If done correctly, a brand new window will be displaying a survey of the movie (as shown below) using the Download links. For many customers we recommend installing the MP4 format, different platforms may contain WebM, 3GP, and FLV.

YouTube download window

It’ll be accessible inside your downloads folder following the document has been saved.
Think about a personal movie?

You can’t since the YouTube download service won’t possess the essential privileges to gain access to the movie obtain personal movies.
I cant download a video

If after following above steps that you don’t obtain a survey like our case ensure that the hyperlink your are employing functions by starting the site in a new window. The above mentioned steps try . When the actions proceed not to work try among the other YouTube download sites below.

Note: if you should be in career or a college who’s blocking YouTube these actions may not work.
It’s just keeping as not video and audio

Be sure you opting for the ” 720p or MP4 360p ” selection in the download link. If you select “Audio MP4” it just downloads the audio and never the movie. It’s totally possible the participant you’re using doesn’t possess the required codec for video files if you did choose the best downloadable connect to obtain the document. Get the free VLC player for the computer and attempt to perform with the movie report from within VLC and never the ball player you’re using.
YouTube bookmarklet

Make use of the Computer Hope YouTube bookmarklet if you intend on installing many movies. View our bookmarklet site to find out more about bookmarklets.
Other YouTube download sites

Along with utilizing the above package to transform your videos, there’s also solutions and other sites that permit you to obtain YouTube videos. Here are just a couple of our favorites.

Warning: These solutions certainly will be utilized to save lots of person related movies, meaning when watching these pages you may be put through adult related information and may be used to preserve any flash videos online.

Watching an FLV video on your PC

You’ll require a participant that helps.flv files if you’ve saved the file like a.flv document. Here are several suggestions.

VLC media player

Windows Media Player
Microsoft Windows users also provide the power of playing with FLV files using the right codec in Windows mediaplayer. Adding and installing the CCCP codec puts additional codecs you will probably require later on, in addition to this codec.
More information

How do I record audio from YouTube videos?

How do I record audio from YouTube videos?
Use an internet Support

YouTubeOne of the simplest ways of preserving a YouTube video to an MP3 file is utilizing an online-service that does all of the conversion for you. Below is just a report on a number of the most popular online YouTube to MP3 change services.

Note: these actions are for saving the sound not to save a movie of the YouTube.

To utilize these services

  1. Copy the link of the movie and visit the YouTube video site you wish to save. For instance, below is just a link to some movie on YouTube, the entire target could be copied.
  • Insert that link into among the below sites and press the download button once this target continues to be copied.
  • Facebook to MP3 services

    YouTube mp3

    Work with a software package

    If you like to complete yourself to the saving or simply report a section of the movie we recommend utilizing the free Audacity software to report and save the sound. To achieve this follow the steps below.

    Get the free Audacity software from here.
    Operate this program once saved and set it up onto the computer.
    Within Audacity then and click Change Tastes. Inside the Preferences screen, for your soundcard alter the unit underneath the Saving area. Don’t use “Microsoft Sound Mapper – Input”, or any microphone (including a microphone that may be in your webcam).
    Although still in Choices alter the channels to 2 (Music) if available under programs. Using these options you will get the exact same quality of noise you hear within the speakers.
    Click Okay once these changes have been made.
    Finally, in the standard Trend As to The U Notice field change it out within the drop-down.
    Start the YouTube video you wish to report. YouTube is performing effectively and if you don’t possess a quick connection we recommend obtaining the movie totally loaded before recording.
    Once filled and prepared to be documented in Audacity, click the report switch (red circle), switchback towards the YouTube video and press play. You need to see activity about the sound-wave because itis playing whilst the movie is playing. Done hit stay in Audacity.

    Tip: carrying it out in this way will undoubtedly result in a part in the first of the sound file that is empty. To get rid of of clear music, highlight it by pulling and pressing your mouse, and push the delete key in your keyboard to remove it.
    Finally, once you have finished the above mentioned methods click Document and select either “Move as MP3” or “Move as WAV” based on if you wish to save the file like WAV or an MP3 file. If this is actually the first-time you’ve used you’ll have to install support files. Extra information about achieving this are available within the below section.

    Getting MP3 support

    To be able to save the document in MP3 format you have to get WORTHLESS for Audacity in the WORTHLESS for Windows download.
    Once saved and installed, click Document after which “Move” and select “MP3” or “Move as MP3”.
    You will be prompted for that precise location of the WORTHLESS file, indicate the lame_enc.dll file, which if you used the default settings may beat: C:Plan FilesLame for Audacity once MP3 format has been chosen. It’ll be situated in the extracted folder if you removed a compressed document.

    How to repeat YouTube videos.
    How to repeat YouTube videos

    YouTubeYouTube doesn’t permit you to immediately repeat your preferred YouTube video, but there are many of third party providers which allows one to repeat any video. Follow the steps below to repeat all of your favorite YouTube videos.

    Search for your favorite movie and modify the link within the address bar. Below is a typical example of the video link we’re editing, this link might be altered for music video or your favorite video.

    YouTube repeat URL

    Remove everything before youtube, so within our case we’re removing “internet.”

    After youtube kind repeat to help make the above example URL the link shown below and press enter.


    After pressing enter, you’re submitted towards the link below, that’ll repeat your movie before the site closes. This site also offers a repeat table to inform you exactly how many times the movie has been repeated.
    View the YouTube description for related links and more information.

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