Halfbike The Innovations in bike design

Revolutions in bike design

The Halfbike is just a tricycle, produced in Bulgaria, made to be ridden standing to be able to work muscles which are not used when driving a conventional bike. Leading wheel is driven by pedals as the back wheels pivot, and so the driver steers by leaning from side to side.

Halfbike The Innovations in bike design

Halfbike The Innovations in bike design

Mihail Klenov, a co-creator of the Halfbike, explained that it’s taken sometime to build up the concept: it took us many years of changes and talks to obtain the current outcome and “I loved the concept greatly. We created several prototypes to determine the way the concept might be resulted in a functional model.”

The tricycle comes with an aluminum body and a plywood post steering system, meaning it weighs only 7.7 kg. It takes time to learn how to drive and costs around 600 pounds.

In Lithuania, another strange bike is being developed by them. It’s called the Rubbee while offering individuals the opportunity to not pedal in any way! This lightweight digital camera could be mounted on any bike within one minute, and when it started up, individuals could allow the engine do the job.

Gediminas Nemanis, the creator of the Rubbee, defined: since it doesn’t use stores, drives, devices, cogs, or gears.” “Rubbee is exclusive in its approach to moving power straight to the bike tyre

The unit weighs 6.5 kg, reaches a high speed of 25 km/h, and costs around 900 pounds.

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