Gulf states tension ended with Qatar

Gulf states hope deal finally ends tension with Qatar

There’s increasing confidence that the security and diplomatic offer caught this week between Qatar and other Gulf countries to respect one another’s sovereignty can ultimately end weeks of pressure.

Gulf states hope deal finally ends tension with Qatar

Gulf states hope deal finally ends tension with Qatar

The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar in March, blaming Doha of meddling in their internal affairs.

International Press reporter in Dubai said: ‘‘The push brought using the offer, describing the backstage discussions without providing any actual information on it. However these are the issues that currently have to be questioned, since even when the Gulf monarchies drop out from time to time, they can’t remain disunited for long as political issues in the area are frequent. Especially Syria and its own refugee situation, that is destabilising neighbouring Arab nations and also the increasing strength of Iran which concerns most of the Sunni-led Arab states. Tehran has the ability to produce regional discord because of its own ends.’‘

After Doha backed Egypt’s Islamist leader Mohamed Morsi, in direct contrast to another Gulf Cooperation Council members pressure initially increased in July.

Doha’s alleged support of Islamist militants in Syria as well as the area has been a significant bone of contention between its Arab neighbors and Qatar.

International Press’ Doha reporter said: ‘‘While this truce possibly stops the line for the time being, it’s unclear if there’s been any change in opinions on the best way to cope with important issues affecting the location. For example experts need to know if Qatar has decided to end its support for the Muslim Brotherhood, getting it into line with the policies of Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. It’s unclear when the contract has led to such a step.’‘

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