Greece celebrates its cinema with the year of young directors

‘Little England’ was the big winner in the ‘Greek Oscars’, the annual Hellenic Film Academy Awards.

Directed by acclaimed film-maker Pantelis Voulgaris, the movie led the nominations with 13 gongs, winning six awards including best picture, cinematography, costume design and manufacturing style.

Greece celebrates its cinema in the year of young directors

Greece celebrates its cinema in the year of young directors

Set about the Greek island of Andros in the 1930s and 1940s, ‘Little England’ is just a family tale concerning the lives of two siblings that are united and separated with a horrible secret – their love for that same guy. It’s a tale of reduction, family and interest.

Hellenic Film Academy Award

Hellenic Film Academy Award

Pantelis Voulgaris talked concerning the issues of creating a movie: “The huge problem we face in helping our complicated and costly art may be the fight that’s fought within the box-office. Your first prize was winning this fight. The honors today was received by my group were an extremely large gesture to the area of the Hellenic Film Academy.”

‘My Enemy Within’ by Yorgos Tsemberopoulos was another big winner with several awards – for best director, script and editing.

Already a popular about the festival circuit, the movie tells the tale of an intellectual who’s required to re-examine his assumptions when his house is invaded by violence and shakes his family towards the key.

“I actually want to thank the Hellenic Film Academy, which I strongly support. 200 folks from the Traditional film industry election each year to give these prizes. Such acceptance by each one of these experts is essential to me. It’s a big moral boost,” said Yorgos Tsemberopoulos.

Kora Karvouni won the best actor award for her performance in ‘September’, led by Penny Panagiotopoulou.

A film about isolation, it tells the story of Anna who lives alone with her dog and it is compelled to get in touch with her neighbors when her dog dies.

“This film gave me difficulty, since I didn’t have several collections. I enjoy an extremely quiet figure within the movie. Our co-stars were mostly a puppy as well as children. These are extremely unstable elements in a movie. But, even though it was an extremely difficult and exhausting process, I remember every second of ‘September’ with love,” said the actor with a grin.

After Venice, Themis Panou acquired his second gong for Best Actor for his part in ‘Miss Violence’ by Alexandros Avranas – who also won the Silver Lion in Venice for Best Director.

It’s the story of an apparently typical Traditional family that comes under scrutiny after 11-year-old Angeliki commits suicide on her birthday.

“It’s really a unique experience,” said the actor about his dual honor. “I didn’t think that it might happen, not really in my wildest dreams. I still can’t quite believe it.”

Costa-Gavras won an honorary award for his lifetime achievement. The Franco-Traditional film-maker, who works and lives in France, is better known for his films with overt political themes, such as the popular thriller ‘Z’.

“The problem with awards is the fact that you don’t anticipate them. You don’t consider it anymore, after you’ve received an award. What matters to me is when I return to Greece, I’m surrounded planet and by the folks of my childhood, they make me the individual I’m today,” said Costa-Gavras.

“Two thousand and thirteen was an excellent year for the Traditional film industry, receiving major awards and with several films going abroad to be found at international conventions. Around 50% of these movies were produced by a fresh wave of young Greek owners. It’s expected 2014 will be an even better year for Traditional theatre,” stated euronews’ reporter in Athens, Yorgos Mitropoulos.

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