Europe’s Greens bid adieu to Legend Daniel Cohn-Bendit

Europe’s Greens bid adieu to ‘legendary’ Daniel Cohn-Bendit

The Greens leave behind German politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit in an unique congress in Brussels after two decades in European parliament.

Together with his razor-sharp tongue he offered several EU leaders a run for their profit Brussels and courted controversy. His belief within the European design hasn’t faltered as he steps from the focus, although critical of austerity.

Europe’s Greens bid adieu to ‘legendary’ Daniel Cohn-Bendit

Europe’s Greens bid adieu to ‘legendary’ Daniel Cohn-Bendit

Speaking with Global Press in Brussels he explained, “We require a federal Europe. We need more Europe, an Europe that’s ready to satisfy the process of globalisation. And we shall. We’re able to develop this vision of Europe within the years to come.”

Like a scholar in France the 1968 uprising made a legend of ‘Danny the red’. President De Gaulle called him “France’s most dangerous scoundrel”, whilst the unrest heralded the conclusion of his management.

Cohn-Bendit won’t be sleeping on his laurels, although he may be retiring from politics. In search of his second love, soccer. He’ll check out Brazil this June to film a documentary.

Speaking in the congress politicians said:
“What Daniel Cohn-Bendit was fighting for and what he still fights for is just a tolerant, democratic, free Europe. Due to that he’s an exception, a task model, maybe a legend.”

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